Happy Birthday Elvis and have a fabulous Friday!

amazing friday

We have made it! The first Friday of the 2016 work week is officially here! If you are reading this that means you made it and you are alive!

Speaking of alive, Happy Birthday Elvis!

In case you have no clue, today would have been Elvis’ 81st birthday. Being from the south, Elvis is a big deal and I know many people who will be making their yearly pilgrimage to Graceland to celebrate The King’s Birthday. To those folks, I wish you safe travels and one a heck of a party.

If you have never been to Graceland, I suggest you take the time out to go. It is an experience! It’s strange and a bit weird to me; however I thoroughly enjoyed my adventures there. It was one of those, “Well we’ve never been why not go?” kind of trips and it turned out to be a fun experience. Seeing how well preserved everything is and how much went into making Graceland a true iconic landmark makes the trip worthwhile. I mean the man was creative, I will give him that! You can see the extravagance lavished on his home and grounds. Of course there are areas that are closed to the public and of course I wanted to go into them. Of course access was denied. Party poopers! But I do recommend a trip to Memphis to visit Graceland and heck, a trip down Beale Street for some fabulous food and spirits. I mean if you’re there, why not?!

This feels like an adventure Friday no matter what responsibilities may be placed upon you. It’s like one of those going-into-the-unknown-but-I-know-it-will-be-fabulous Fridays! Yeah, that feeling!

The Keep Hope Alive No Matter What kind of day!

Not going to let stress or drama get me down, today is going to be a fantastic day! And after all, 81 years ago today a King was born.

Happy Birthday Elvis Presley!

elvis the king

*may I advise that you Google Elvis Presley videos, they are awesome! There were too many for me to choose just one from. He is the King of Rock & Roll!


And the award goes to…..

I have realized some people are trying so hard to win their very own Grammy.

They are so dramatic and over the top, I am convinced that they think they are going not for the Grammy, but the Oscars. Yes, Big Dreams of Delusion!

Frequently it seems there is something new that they have to tell you about.

From how you need to change something you do because they know how to do it better to how they are superior to you in some way. Or maybe all they did for you and how you owe them because they did something out of “kindness”.

They can charm even the most skeptical for a while into thinking they are ALL that and a bag of chips.

However, over a period of time, you come to see they can’t continue on with their act. Be it manic, alcohol, drugs or just plain crazy they cannot maintain the level of “normalcy” needed to pull off the “act” they are desperately trying to achieve.

These people will tell you, your friends, your family all the things they think they you want to hear. They will promise the moon and stars. Sometimes they even throw in promises of another galaxy to make themselves seem so perfect and worthy of praise.

When they can’t deliver on whatever they’ve promised, they will blame everyone and everything from the pope to tripping over the carpet that was laid 20 years ago. It is Not their fault, they’ve had troubles. They promise the moon this time and somewhat put a band aid on the problems so what happens behind the curtains is not caught on film.

It is at this point when I start watching their performance for what I like to call the “falling apart” part of the plot.

This is when you start noticing the edges of their life seems more frayed that was originally presented. Earlier it was pressed and neat. Everything was “in order” or on its way to being in order. They assure you over and over when you ask them about it. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here.

When I read I book, even if it’s awful, I have to read through until the end. Trust me it’s a brutal, self-torture OCD thing I am working to overcome!

Watching these scenes play out is like that.

I know it’s going to end poorly but I can’t help but hold out hope! Hope that this person will see the signs and make different choices.

I won’t read the last pages of a book to find out what happens and it seems in life I tend to hang on to watch the show. Even if you’ve seen the re-runs they try to pass off as new material.

I’ve worked with the mentally ill and with hospice, I have seen some truly weird things, but people who are not “diagnosed” or considered “normal” that act like this fascinate me.

I’ve learned to keep a safe distance so when they flip out, and they will, I hope to not become a casualty of their poor life performance.

I have been caught in the cross hairs and on the fringe and it isn’t pretty.

It can be quite painful if it is someone you truly care about.

But the ones who keep going on and on, the ones you have no choice but to remove yourself from for your own safety, are the ones that scare me a bit more.

Those people keep performing long after the movie is over. They have their own private performance in their minds. Those people can be dangerous.

Those who continue to try and “perfect” their lives by acting outraged someone called them on their B.S. and stood up to them. They call them names and say slanderous things about them. Carrying on and on about how they would never do something so horrible to someone and name off all the “good” things they have done.

Again adding to their resume of “good deeds” to share with another group when this one shuts down their performance due to their lack of acting skills.

I think they need an award for Worst Performance in certain categories of life!

Not to say I myself wouldn’t qualify for a few categories but I don’t think I would win the prize.

The reason is I believe, in my own everyone has one opinion, you have to own up to your bad performances. Admit when you did a shitty job. Take the criticism like an adult, make improvements, even – gasp – apologize when you do harm to others and Mean it.

That deserves a freaking award right there. The courage to admit when you are Wrong and mean it. To make it right however that may be.

But to those who keep on “acting”, I hate to tell you the award season is over!

For the rest of you, please keep being fabulous!


Does this post resonate with you? Tell me how you really feel!






An Alzheimer’s Poem

Lost in a fog. I forgot I was here. Where was I going? I feel such a fear!

It’s rising upon me like thick falling snow; covering my leaves so I can no longer grow.

Voices and faces filter in and out… I feel I am fading and I begin to shout!

“Help me! Oh Please!” I just want to cry. I can’t even speak, I just want to die.

I can’t remember why I was so scared, but you came and you hugged me and showed me you cared.

So, thank you, my friend, for staying with me, because it’s not easy for anyone who has Alzheimer’s disease.

*This is for everyone suffering, who has suffered and their caregivers.

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias are nearly at epidemic proportions in our country. As a caregiver to so many with this disease (and varying forms) I was given a glimpse into their scary world. My words do no justice for those that suffer.

One of my passions is that people do not have to go through this alone. The Alzheimer’s Association has a 24/7 hotline 1-800-272-3900. There are resources out there.

This disease can be quite terrifying to both the person going though this, and I have friends currently with this disease (Early on-set and also later in life) and know so many caregivers.

I needed to share this as I have been reading so many posts in the support groups I am a part of where there is knowledge on the part of the public in so many areas on what this disease truly is and how it will and does impact so many families and friends and the havoc it wreaks on finances as well as the economy.

So not trying to be a Debbie Downer!

Be Fabulous. Spread the Word!