Happy Birthday Elvis and have a fabulous Friday!

amazing friday

We have made it! The first Friday of the 2016 work week is officially here! If you are reading this that means you made it and you are alive!

Speaking of alive, Happy Birthday Elvis!

In case you have no clue, today would have been Elvis’ 81st birthday. Being from the south, Elvis is a big deal and I know many people who will be making their yearly pilgrimage to Graceland to celebrate The King’s Birthday. To those folks, I wish you safe travels and one a heck of a party.

If you have never been to Graceland, I suggest you take the time out to go. It is an experience! It’s strange and a bit weird to me; however I thoroughly enjoyed my adventures there. It was one of those, “Well we’ve never been why not go?” kind of trips and it turned out to be a fun experience. Seeing how well preserved everything is and how much went into making Graceland a true iconic landmark makes the trip worthwhile. I mean the man was creative, I will give him that! You can see the extravagance lavished on his home and grounds. Of course there are areas that are closed to the public and of course I wanted to go into them. Of course access was denied. Party poopers! But I do recommend a trip to Memphis to visit Graceland and heck, a trip down Beale Street for some fabulous food and spirits. I mean if you’re there, why not?!

This feels like an adventure Friday no matter what responsibilities may be placed upon you. It’s like one of those going-into-the-unknown-but-I-know-it-will-be-fabulous Fridays! Yeah, that feeling!

The Keep Hope Alive No Matter What kind of day!

Not going to let stress or drama get me down, today is going to be a fantastic day! And after all, 81 years ago today a King was born.

Happy Birthday Elvis Presley!

elvis the king

*may I advise that you Google Elvis Presley videos, they are awesome! There were too many for me to choose just one from. He is the King of Rock & Roll!



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