What a fabulously strange trip it is!

road tripping

Sometimes you just need a road trip on this journey of life.

For me, I need to recharge and refuel and I love taking the boy with me when I can. Something about driving and the sound of the tires on the pavement, sometimes conversation or not, maybe a bit of music or at times even the silence just soothes us both. I love that he shares this with me as sometimes I need to just go. As he is an extension of me, I do love taking him and seeing life through his eyes.

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This weekend the boy and I are taking a mini road trip to visit my hos his aunties and the boy is beyond excited.

I mean the kid had a pretty fabulous Christmas break with family, fun, gifts, food, late nights, Star Wars and all kinds of great things that he has talked non-stop about since the holidays.

However, Monday I told him we were going to visit the aunties in the ATL and he about lost his mind! He has literally counted down the days and asked if tomorrow is the day. He is so geeked to go that Wednesday night when he went back to karate and they asked him what was one of the best things that happened over the holidays or what gift did you love or family time, etc. my child responds. “I’m going to see my auntie Juuuuudiiiii in Atlanta and it’s always a ParTeeeeee!!!!!” Parents looked over at me and I just smiled as I am trying to explain, in whispers, to his other grandmother what he was talking about.

In his excitement of going he shares bits and pieces of his thoughts with others. Like his mother, he may sound a little crazy. (Hey, I admit my crazy!)

Case in point, “Auntie Juuuuuudi’s house is like Disneyland. I never been there, to Disneyland, before but I know it’s way awesome so her house is like that! With lots of dogs and drums and movies and toys and food! They always play with me there. They like me over there. Yeah, it’s cause I’m cute too, but I love them and they love me. Plus Auntie Rex always gets me gifts and I love her and we stay at her house cause there’s too many puppies, like that song you sing mommy, at auntie Juuuudiiii’s and auntie Jodi will die if we stay there cause I may be stinky or like that phoid mary lady that brings death if the wind blows wrong. Auntie Rex has cute puppies but only 2 and she has tiny little things she lets me Touch!” That is all pretty much said in about 2 breaths and he’s grinning from ear to ear. It also makes it sound a bit bizarre to anyone not knowing our friends. The boy talking about being in the Dark Army. Yeah, good times! Just not as easy to explain to some people who have no humor or maybe morals, I don’t know. Hasn’t messed him up yet!


I know that those girls love me no matter what is going on. That they love my boy I have no question. They went through so many of my life challenges with me and they know what a miracle he is. Because 2 out of 4, now 5 plus, have one boy each and those “babies” are now considered “adults” and it still throws me because you think they will be young forever and then it seems like overnight they are grown and making adult decisions and  sometimes it is overwhelming! One day you’re playing with their kids and you blink and their 6’ “kid” is playing with your baby and it just throws me. For my bebe shower they made me a cake that said “Better you than me!” and that meant the world to me! They meant every word with emphasis and feeling!

We have shared so much together that raising my kid now, even thought I am a state away,  just seems normal to me.

john lennon friends i get by

Plus like me, the boy loves a road trip! Short, long, it doesn’t matter I’ve been taking him on road trips since he was a month old.

It’s been too long and it is time.

Take the chances while you can and live your life!

You never know what tomorrow will bring so enjoy what you have while you can.

Always, keep hope alive!



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