Surviving, thriving or a bit of both

I miss it so much

Even for a day when the boy is away

It’s too quiet

I have a life and things I can do when he’s gone

Yet nothing compares to the space he fills in my heart

Nor does anything compare to having him with me

My heart splits in two

This feeling is more than any other I have felt in life before

I wonder if I am learning to survive or is this thriving


I think a George Carlin Tuesday is needed

One day down people! We have now made it to Tuesday! We should have some sort of celebration! Not the middle of the week yet, but Monday is now behind us.

I can hear George Carlin in my head, “Holy Shit it’s only Tuesday!” I miss George. My kid has shoes with lights in them… I remember when those shoes were the “new thing” and his whole rant about them! Golly if he were alive today would he have a field day with everything going on in the world! I would be in hysterics laughing as I truly loved that man and could totally relate with his assessment of life. I remember seeing him live at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. It was Fabulous!

There is so much madness and things beyond maos in this world. Listening to George’s views on life and how people were screwing up, politicians, celebrities and the common man, no one can beat his spot on humor and brutal honesty. I really do miss him!

Especially after the wild Monday I had. I mean it wasn’t “horrid”, however I was on the phone all day and I would seriously rather see a female doctor for hours than be on the phone all day. I know weird, a woman who doesn’t like to be on the phone all day! It’s so bad when I leave work, I have absolutely no desire to call anyone. And there are people I really do want to talk to! I just find myself giving the phone the stink eye when it isn’t the fault of the phone. Kind of a “don’t kill the messenger” situation. *shudders*

I am grateful I have a job, really I am. I just get tired of being on the phone! I was on call all weekend and it’s like on Monday once that’s over, I want to throw any phone, far, far away from me! I look at is as at least it isn’t as bad as several years back I daily weighed the pros and cons of tossing my phone onto the interstate while driving! Those hate them but need them devices!

I think I will go watch some George today. I need a good laugh and a reminder to open my eyes, find the humor and get through it with laughter and creatively!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and never forget: