Surviving, thriving or a bit of both

I miss it so much

Even for a day when the boy is away

It’s too quiet

I have a life and things I can do when he’s gone

Yet nothing compares to the space he fills in my heart

Nor does anything compare to having him with me

My heart splits in two

This feeling is more than any other I have felt in life before

I wonder if I am learning to survive or is this thriving



One thought on “Surviving, thriving or a bit of both

  1. the feeling you get when you look at your children is indescribable; they can draw out a strength and courage inside you, you never thought you had in you, anchor you, save you, give you hope, renew your faith, and give you the courage to drag yourself out of bed every morning and Keep Hope Alive. The only thing that can top it 🙂 is watching your children have children of their own and getting to experience all of those feelings too. 🙂 Always a Great Day to be Alive.

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