I know your dirty little secrets

You must think you are so smart.

You hide behind your religion.

You hide behind your lies.

You think that you can still manipulate and terrorize like you did oh so many years ago.

We are no longer children.

You have no power.

You post all of your “godly” ways on social media.

You talk about how “precious” your family is to you.

You rave about your love for your kids.

Yet I know your truth.

I know your dirty little secrets.

I know how you turned you back on your own child. How you tried to take their children. You didn’t “approve” in their choice of a mate because they weren’t from “here”.

You thought you could dig up the graves of things long gone.

Haven’t you learned there is no greater bond than those of family? The bonds of those we chose not those we were given.

Haven’t you learned you can’t get your way?

You get older. We all do.

We found our peace long ago.

You will never find yours.

It’s been 20 years.

Did you think you could use pretty words during a vulnerable time in my life?

Did you think I wouldn’t see through your lies?

Do you think we don’t still know each other inside and out?

We know everything about each other.


I know your dirty little secrets.

I know your lies.

You need to turn and go.

You have no power over us anymore.

You need to stop before you do something you’ll regret.

Because there are some things you need to just leave alone.


Do what you say or tell me why you can’t

One of my all time pet peeves is people telling me they will do something and then not delivering.

It makes me crazy. Well crazier.

I know I am guilty at times of missing a deadline or forgetting to call someone back, however if I tell you, for example, I will come by at 10:00 AM you better believe I will be there and if I can’t I will let you know I can’t and why and reschedule.

I have been waiting over a week for this dude to come by the house and give me a quote to clean out the gutters.

He was referred by a friend who spoke so highly of him that the first time he “missed” our appointment I thought maybe he got tied up.

So I waited for a call back. Nothing.

Then I left him a message. Still nothing.

I called again and left another message. Nothing.

Yesterday I got him on the phone and he apologized and gave me a sob story and of course I felt bad for him and we rescheduled for 10:00 AM this morning.

Guess what? No show and no call.

This is where I say I am Done with this one!

I have another person I can call but always feel obligated to the person I originally talked to. That is over an hour later.

No I won’t call him and remind him, again, that he apologized and promised me he would be here. He didn’t call me to say, “Hey I can’t make it I am sorry when is a good time.”

I scheduled my day around him being here and have things to do myself.

Just this morning I was given the number of someone that needs some work done and I called them within 20 minutes of getting their information. They were in  bad cell area and asked me to call them back in an hour. I will definitely call back because I said that I would.

I have friends who say they are going to call and forget to call me back.

Heck I do it too.

But that is a friend and not a business.

And if we have plans and one of us forgets or gets busy it isn’t like we aren’t going to be friends anymore.

Unless it’s one of those people you’re just being nice to because another friend suggested you would get along and have “so much” in common. Then I become the “Excuse Queen” of why I can never seem to find time in my “busy” schedule! Hey, at least I am Honest!

Don’t tell me you will ‘handle it” and then I find out later you didn’t “handle it” and said situation is now much worse and I am having to handle it because you can’t seem to recall your promises!

What’s worse is if this person habitually lies to you and tells you they will do something, either for you or someone else, and never does it. When confronted they often keep lying and say “Oh I did it I don’t know why it was said it wasn’t done.” No. Just no.

You will be put on the “do not trust” list faster than my kid on a sugar high!

I understand that everyone tells “little white lies” or “fib bits” and certain circumstances do call for it.

I tell my boy “sorry they don’t make batteries for that toy anymore” on those irritating cheap toys you want to smash upon said child receiving it because it makes a sound you are sure wild animals will come out of hiding to make it stop!

Or that a store is already closed so I don’t have to have him ask me 10,000 times for that Power Ranger toy that I told him would have to be a birthday or Christmas gift because it costs $80 and I don’t drop that kind of money on my kid “just for fun” because I can’t and even if I could I wouldn’t as I don’t want him to think he can have anything he wants whenever he wants it! He gets to hold his yogurt, cheeses and other random food products at the grocery and considers that a treat!

I worked for years, and still do on occasion, with patients who have Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Telling them “oh that person will visit later” is much easier than reminding them said person passed away 10 years ago and watching them go through the grieving phase all over again. Because honestly, the chances are good they will not remember later, which is sad, but at the same time you are giving them hope and redirecting them to do something else other than focus on the something you can’t give them. No one can.

So please just either tell me you can’t do something, you forgot, but don’t lie to me because I can promise you I won’t forget it. I will lose my faith and trust in you and that is a hard thing to recover.

I’m a pretty laid back person and if you have a good reason, even if it’s kind of kooky, I will look the other way and give you another chance to prove yourself. But after so many times I am done. Really done.

Someone that runs a “business” in this manner is only making it worse because customers do talk, word of mouth is powerful and bad press is not “good” in this instance.

So be honest with folks.

Even if it is not what they want to hear.

I guarantee they would rather hear the truth that a boatload full of lies!

Stay fabulous my friends!