I know your dirty little secrets

You must think you are so smart.

You hide behind your religion.

You hide behind your lies.

You think that you can still manipulate and terrorize like you did oh so many years ago.

We are no longer children.

You have no power.

You post all of your “godly” ways on social media.

You talk about how “precious” your family is to you.

You rave about your love for your kids.

Yet I know your truth.

I know your dirty little secrets.

I know how you turned you back on your own child. How you tried to take their children. You didn’t “approve” in their choice of a mate because they weren’t from “here”.

You thought you could dig up the graves of things long gone.

Haven’t you learned there is no greater bond than those of family? The bonds of those we chose not those we were given.

Haven’t you learned you can’t get your way?

You get older. We all do.

We found our peace long ago.

You will never find yours.

It’s been 20 years.

Did you think you could use pretty words during a vulnerable time in my life?

Did you think I wouldn’t see through your lies?

Do you think we don’t still know each other inside and out?

We know everything about each other.


I know your dirty little secrets.

I know your lies.

You need to turn and go.

You have no power over us anymore.

You need to stop before you do something you’ll regret.

Because there are some things you need to just leave alone.



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