Thankful for today

Today is one of those days I am just thankful to see another day. Even if I feel exhausted and over whelmed by all of my responsibilities and lack of time, I am grateful to wake up. Even if I move slowly, I am thankful.

I am blessed for every “I love you mommy.” 

I love every kiss and hug he gives me.

I cherish every second of time with my boy even when I can relate to how some species can eat their young.

He makes my life my life so much richer.

He is the best contribution to the planet I can ever make.

The way he thinks and feels leaves me in awe.

I also worry for him.

I worry about things out of my control and things I screw up doing as a parent.

I worry about how things affect him and whether or not I am doing too much or not doing enough.

I worry about him when he isn’t with me.

I worry about him when he is hurt by others and their words.

I know there are lessons I am to teach and lessons I am to be here for him when life hurts him and I can’t control it.

Today I am thankful I woke to his sweet face.

My little miracle boy.

Today I keep hope alive for time with him. It is so precious and goes so fast.

On days when I feel like things are moving too fast, I pause and think about the best thing in my life. Then I smile.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Keep Hope Alive!



3 thoughts on “Thankful for today

  1. You are a great mother! and do a wonderful job raising him. Every mother, or parent; well not all so called Mothers or “parents” worry about whether they are doing their job, and worry constantly about things/people beyond their control that might hurt their child. You never stop worrying about those kinds of things, no matter if they are 5, 15, 30 or even 50. Children don’t come with instruction manuals. They say the first one is a trial run for other children that may come along but that’s not true. Every child is different, and you raise them and deal with them as individuals, there are no specific set of rules. The only rule is that you love them unconditionally, and it’s sad that that is not always and in many cases the main rule some parents, especially some mothers adhere to. Mama’s are going to make mistakes, but trust me, if you love a child unconditionally, that is all they are going to remember through out their lives. Children can be so forgiving of all the “little”mistakes; mostly mistakes made out of love, or fear that they may be hurt by the world, circumstances or other people. Give them unconditionally love and understanding, and they will do the same for you. Mother’s are only human, just like everyone else. They do not suddenly become perfect super heroes the day the child is born. Again unconditional love and understanding even when you don’t agree with their choices or when they make mistakes or even when you literally feel like shaking some sense into them lol, lays the best foundation for a well adjusted child and an adult. Children are the greatest gift ever given to us and raising them is so far from easy but so worth it. The pride and joy, the happiness and fulfillment they bring to the ones that brought them into this world. There is nothing like it in the world!!! You were meant to be a Mama, against all odds, that should tell you something right there. Mother’s make mistakes sometimes, parenting is like anything else, a growing process, but I’ve never seen a mother want and love their child any more than you do. It’s a special job, and one that you do so well. Love you my friend.


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