I have the Best Friends

your kinda crazy friends

I really do have the most Amazing friends.

Through the years (from 5-35 plus in some cases) I have met and kept the most awesome friends through this crazy of life journey that I am on.

Recently, I had some heath issues along with “career” challenges. Then toss in the “normal” challenges of life and I must say, my friends have gone above and beyond to support me and be there for me in the best ways that they can.

From phone calls, texts, driving me to appointments, employing me, being there for me, letting me stay in their homes, just genuinely Caring about my well-being.

It is a two way street we check in with each other and make an effort, even just a “I got you & I’m here with an ear if you need me” kind of thing.

I can’t do it justice to try and articulate “it” but it’s late, I have a deadline so I will give it a shot!

The top ten reasons our friendship Works and Lasts

antique friends

  1. Calling just to “check in”. My friends and I have this built in sense of “hey maybe they just need to hear a friendly voice on the phone so I will call. It won’t be an epic conversation, though it could turn that way but they need me so I am calling.” It works for us
  2. A text of utter randomness or filled with rude words and love. “Hey my body hurts like I was hit by a train so I thought of you and hope you’re well. Love and gropes.” Yeah we are like that but worse!
  3. An open invite to stay at each other’s homes. Even the friend who publically puts on Facebook No One is to stay over. Yeah they mean it for 97% of the population – guess who’s in that 3%?!
  4. They offer to drive you Anywhere. Medical appointments earn you special stars in heaven. I have a few angels I count as friends on this one! Anywhere can also mean drive bys (not shootings *ahem), the store to get you meds for a plague that has struck you down, to a kid related event and actually stay with you and not drive off (*another star in heaven group) and just go with you almost anywhere!
  5. They are ALWAYS THERE for each other.
  6. We feed each other. Whether it is cereal and milk, sushi, random breakfast, something we created or meal in a bag, the point is we give nourishment to each other in more than just food, but you won’t go hungry with any of my friends!
  7. We help each other out financially when possible. This can be anything from cleaning each other’s homes, giving a few dollars just cause, to selling items on eBay or supporting each other in business. None of us have gotten so bent about money that it has cause a problem with our relationships because friends help friends. Period.
  8. We can go sometimes weeks or months without actually talking or seeing each other but always pick up like it was yesterday. We don’t do it often but it happens. Thank God for texting!
  9. We don’t judge. Really. It seems weird in this time of the judgmental society and we just don’t do it. We may not agree with each other but we don’t judge and we move on through it. We wait it out and talk about it. But we Never judge.
  10. We love each other unconditionally. We truly do. How else can you survive in this world if it wasn’t for the love of you friends and family?!

people sent to you

Friends are the family you choose.

I believe they are souls you knew in a past life and you find each other again. There is no other way I can explain the connection I have with my friends otherwise.

They all know about each other though sadly not all have met.

I wouldn’t expect all of them to get along because they are all so different.

We all have a common core part of our being that just knows and accepts that person for who we are.

I didn’t set out to make all of these fabulous friends.

I see it as I was just fortunate to find the loves of my past lives and share this life with them!

Have a Fabulous Friday and Enjoy your Holiday Weekend My Fabulously Graceless Friends!

So glad you’ve joined the madness of my mind!




Just a “brief” interruption….

I just Love it when someone calls and says, “You got a minute I need to tell you something I won’t take long” so you say “yes” and 20 minutes later you’re still on the phone because said person is now telling you the other 5 things they “forgot” when they called you “for a minute.

Yeah sarcasm doesn’t always translate so well in print but I hope you could feel that one!

There are many people I know with this affliction!

I call them the “just a minute callers” because Every time they tell me “it will just take a minute” and Every time it’s at least 10 or more minutes.

How do you handle that?! I mean without being rude. Which I have been on occasion because I get tired of trying to be nice all the time!

Also those people who you talk to and when it comes time for the end of the conversation to happen, they decide to launch into any and everything they can to keep you on the phone, though saying “I know you have to go but there is just one more thing I will be quick.”

“Quick?” I want to scream at them! Really! I am already behind because your entire conversation was you drawing out your words and repeating yourself and over and over again. Please stop talking!

It really is rude to hang up on people but I seriously want to the majority of the time when I get stuck on the phone with someone like this.

Don’t get me wrong, I can do it too. Usually when I haven’t talked to someone in a while and we don’t get to talk much I try to cram everything in.

However when someone tells me they have to get off the phone, I do my best to cut it short and just tell what needs to be told not all the things I want to say.

When I talk to someone on a regular basis and they repeatedly do it to me it makes me not want to talk to them anymore!

Just because I work from home people “assume” that I have time to take their calls “anytime” and that I am free to do as I please.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Anyone who works from home can tell you that you have to be disciplined to make it work. And it is Work! I may be without makeup in my comfy clothes but I am working!

Although it is somewhat “easy” for me to come up with content for my articles and blogs, it takes concentration and work. Yes, real work!

So just remember the next time you call someone and say “I will be brief I just wanted to tell you a few things” do just That then get off the phone!
Or know that I put you in the “I will take that call later cause they Always take longer than promised” category!

Also, when someone says they are “busy”, whether they are or not, respect them please as it’s obvious that they don’t have all the time in the world to chat with you so don’t keep them on the phone. Otherwise you will be wondering why your calls go to voice mail so often! Or they may just hang up on you. It is effective!

Remember sometimes brief is better!

Stay fabulously graceless my friends!