Brand new Friday

gm beautiful its friday

Today is a brand new day!

Hopefully it will go smoothly and pleasant for us all. I know it can’t be perfect, but close to perfect would be nice!

This week I started a new chapter in my life doing one of the things I love so much. Helping in the planning and taking care of others. I have been doing this at the basic level but now I get to step it up a notch. It gets me out of the field, which I love, but physically is draining on my body. I will get to still work with clients, families and caregivers making sure the clients are cared for by top notch caregivers. Thus far after a week I love it and my boss is a fabulous human.

The week after a holiday weekend seems to always be a bit of a challenge but we made it!

Plus, the fact we are diving right on into the Christmas season and I feel I am behind on my responsibilities doesn’t make things easier.

That’s when I have to remember to step back and take a breath.

I am blessed with wonderful people who care about me and help me get through this crazy life. I know I am far from perfect, I have dropped more than I want to admit but I am working to pick it all up.

I don’t think I have been this happy to see Friday for a while!

I realized it has been a bit over a year since I worked a 40-hour work week outside of the home. I think I am still in shock getting up early each day and not only making it to work, but being happy and working all day. I actually enjoy my job. Yes, it is new and I know I haven’t even touched on everything I have to learn and do. However, I am all up in my element of doing what I love. Being able to help place caregivers with families isn’t always easy. I love helping to find that perfect fit for families. I love my job!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Keep Hope Alive!!!

friday end or beginning



TGIF… We made it!

friday awesome


Can I get an amen and a halleluiah?!

I feel like I have struggled to get here and have finally begin making headway on getting things in order…somewhat! I mean I’m fabulously graceless and Murphy loves me so some things have to go a bit off! But being my OCD me I just try to plan for it so when it doesn’t happy I am pleased. When it does I still stress! However, no matter what today is going to be a fabulous day! I chose to believe that and I hope you do too!

its fridaywe made it peanuts

Keep Hope Alive My Fabulous Friends!

Much happiness and peace,

Lady Maos

motivational friday



It’s a fabulous Friday with a workin’ weekend! WhoooWhooo!

happy friday wknd begin

T.G.I.F. for real! I am so glad it’s Friday I am sure there will be a happy dance or two done today!

We have finally made it to the end of the week! WhoooWhooooo!

everybodys wkin for the wkend

Of course I will be working and working some more for tomorrow is the Walk to End Alzheimer’s here in the Magic City.

bham magic city

I am one of those people who like to have everything done and right now I am still far from done, but I know I will get done everything I possibly can accomplished. I mean I am scheduled to show up at 6:00 AM to set up for the walk and I am not a morning person. I can do it… Keep Hope Alive!

walk to end alz starts w you

Did I mention it’s Friday?! Do your happy weekend dance people!

tgif cat dance

No matter what your weekend holds try to make a Fabulous moment to hold close, no matter what it is!

tgif fabulous


TGIF?! Don’t Panic!

It’s here! It’s here! Friday is finally here!

I hope you find a bit of happiness no matter what your week was like.

We all go through tough weeks and tough times.

We have to remember to keep hope alive!

Take for instance the fact that I am trying to not completely freak out over my main computer showing me the black screen of death… that I can’t get to my files and photos nearly sends me over the edge, but I have been assured it can be “recovered” therefore I will believe.

I mean I am writing on my old, old computer that was finally restored and I thought I would never be able to use again! That is proof in and of itself miracles can happen! (And to never let your child around electronics with milk!)

So I will squeak through my writing this weekend with my old school laptops and with hopes and prayers my newer model can be repaired and all the data retrieved.

Last Friday I was so removed from technology (and had a fabulous photo to go with this post but alas it is living in the black death for now with all my photos on my other computer) and I couldn’t be happier.

I do miss it though. Both the gathering of friends in the valley and the technology!

I am also finding a balance between having a life and being tied to electronic devices!

I hope you can get out and soak up a bit of vitamin D, if it isn’t 7th ring hot and you can breathe, and enjoy the day!

I hope you can find some fun and maybe a spot of peace if needed.

I am never giving up hope!

I hope you all have a fabulous and wonderful Friday!


Migraine Me

Since I was a teenager I have had migraines.

Sometimes they are so intense I have to lie down in a dark, cold room and just lay there because I can’t really function. To walk feels like nails piercing my brain through the souls of my feet.

They used to make me so sick physically, but now I only have a bit of nausea, which I will take over praying to the porcelain god any day, thank you.

I’ve tried various medications and home remedies.

I have finally found a combination of both that help me at least get through one better but sometimes medication and sleep are the only relief.

The worst ones last for more than a day and yes, I have considered the Botox shot more than a few times due to the torture. I never thought I would be all for sticking a needle full of botulinum toxin into my head, but now there are times when I would happily pay to have someone shoot me up if it got rid of this 7th ring of hell in my head!

I sometimes put my hair, if I can bend over without getting sick or falling over, under freezing water until it penetrates my scalp and cools my brain off.

Often I will pull my hair from the roots to take the tension off my head.

Yes life with migraines is not all fun and games.

Though sometimes it is like a video game with the lights and auras I would prefer not to see with nails and knives digging into my brain.

I feel like I am disassociated with my body and that I am looking from the outside in.

I can function most of the time, but I know people that don’t know me and know how they affect me must think I am drinking or on drugs (I am but not the fun kind trust me) due to my slower responses. Or my really off the wall comments.

“You don’t feel well do you?”

“Oh just another migraine, is that a cat climbing up the wall? Wait that wasn’t what I meant!” That is an actual conversation I had with the boy’s teacher one morning! Once she realized I had a migraine she and I both laughed at my response. We get along very well and I always speak how I feel to her and vice versa but that one was new for her!

I guess I “look” normal to a degree.

I feel like I look crazed and would immediately look to see if there was a hospital band on my arm like I had escaped from a mental health facility!

I am actually writing this article while in the mists of a migraine.

I was scheduled to work and my patient was taken to the hospital. My first response was she ok. My new boss said I was really thoughtful as I’m sure there are those caregivers whose first response would be to ask if that meant no work. I can’t imagine not asking about the person taken to the hospital! And I don’t know the reason but I do know she is 94. I don’t care that she is 94 people live longer and have better quality of life I pray she is going to be fine. If my services are needed by her at a later time I do hope I get to meet her. If not it was meant to be. I can’t look at it any other way.

I told my boss I had a migraine and that I would be happy to fill in elsewhere if needed. She thanked me but the need was not there at the moment. And to take care of myself.

Now I am going over in my head the conversation because really, what if I said something about cat on the wall?! Not too cool!

I think all will be ok as when we got off the phone I remember us talking about my next job so keeping hope alive it is all good! I love this job!

So I finally put some food in me, a breakfast sandwich, go me! The photo shows proof I ate and also how it spills out is a bit how my head feels!

migraine brain breakfast

Yes food and coffee and water. My diet plan for the time being!

migraine coffee

Now I am off to try to work and get things done. Slowly that is!

Just saying a little prayer that tomorrow there is no migraine hangover! Ugh!

Keep hope alive!

Have a fabulous day my friends!


At times I feel only have stolen moments.

There are moments I give to others

Some are obligations I give freely

Others are obligations I begrudgingly oblige

Some are wanted

Many are not

Some are unexpected

Those are both happy and sad

Good and bad

Ecstasy and terror


Brief or long it is all we have

I often forget how to give to myself

Moments I need to breathe

Moments I need for my sanity

Mere moments

Yet they yearn for more

Clamor for my precious moments

I try and I fail

I disappoint

Them, myself I am disappointment

Steal them

Take them

Rip them from me

Mere moments in time

What more do I have to give but moments?

I hope you all have fabulous moments today!


Another day, need another dollar – Part 2

Last month I wrote an article titled “Another day, need another dollar”.

I am pretty sure a part of the reason I got so many responses was that I finally figured out I got some crazy spam emails and they were referring to god only knows what and I took that to be a response to my post.

Some actually were and others were referring to a spam post somewhere out there in cyber space. Really I have no idea how it got there. I didn’t write about clothes, sex or the other random messages I got!

Then I read and reread and read again that post.

I don’t really get it why it seems to genuinely interest people.

I mean I think it’s ok but seriously today, it is for me, another day, needing a lotta dollars!

I was reflecting back on my thoughts and how some of them I realized that I have found my way through to get on track, how my trains get derailed and how I still have now a list of over 50 “topics”, read “those thoughts running round inside of my mind” yet I end up writing about what just flows forth from my fingertips!

At least I can say with complete honesty this was a topic on my list so go me!

I have been writing a few articles for others, whooowhooo, as well as done some sitter work for a dear older lady.

Sadly I talked myself out of that job as she needed 24/7 care and I was concerned that with the group we had helping out, they would run out of steam, not have back up and a few other things. I wrote a short novel on “things to do and take care of for Ms. D”. I went from hired help to consultant quick but it was best for the patient!

It really is another day and I really do need another dollar(s)!

One of my close friends recently taught my boy to hold out his hand, look the person straight in the eye and say, “Tuition, tuition, tuition!” with enthusiasm and then he is handed money!

Every time he asks the boy, “What is the phrase that pays?!” and he diligently answers with joy in his heart and a gleam in his eyes, “Tuition, tuition, tuition!”

Thus far he has made about $10 off this little scheme.

He is tickled pink.

I then explained to the boy how this really works.

That if you save it up and put it in your little banks, a silver horse and a dog in his house, you can afford to buy…… A Transformer!

His little eyes lit up with total delight when I told him that if he keeps putting money into the banks in your room, soon he will have enough to go to the store and buy a transformer toy that he chooses!

If he keeps saving money that he can buy himself special toys!

He is now excited to learn with the play money till I got him at the dollar gentral!

I spent a dollar to teach him a lesson in how to count money while also teaching him how to save up for something he wants.

Not such bad lessons!

As for me?

Each day I move closer and closer to earning those dollars!

I got a few articles written, and I jumped across a huge hurdle I have been standing behind and took the first big step of building up some writing credits! I am also doing some home management projects because I love a challenge!

Who do you think is going to have to pick up the slack when the boy wants the bigger Transformer toy?

I never give up!

My motto is keep hope alive!

You can bet your sweet patootie I am doing just that!

Have a fabulous Thursday My Graceless Friends!

TGIF yeah….

Greeting and fabulous thoughts to everyone!

Do y’all ever have those days where you are all keyed up to get things done (for me it’s my LISTS haha), but don’t quite hit the mark on the timing? That is my day!

And though it is a beautiful day it’s a “crap I am so running behind!” kind of day!

Ah well, I have been working on the need another dollar end of my life and can see the light at then end of the tunnel. I’m pretty sure it’s not a truck and it’s tiny but it’s there!

You have to want it and oh boy do I want it!

Interviews and talking to folks who I have no idea if what just came out of my mouth is what they are laughing about because I am clever or because they think I am psycho and maybe a tad afraid because I look so “normal”!

Maybe I just want to think I am clever and they feel sad for me so they are nice, either way I know I will end up back in the saddle again. Maybe this time with a whole wagon loaded down. Yeah a wagon train! That’s what I am going for! Of course with all the modern comforts so one of those carts will have an AC unit powered by magic! And there she goes folks off into the abyss!

My personal goal is to write one post a day on my blog. So far I have been beating my goal and plan to continue to do so. For example I learned I can write and queue my post to post at a certain time. This is what they tell me so I guess later I will see if it works or not! This post right now will go live when I complete it.

The whole blogging experience is a wild learning curve for me. One I am happily jumping into off the cliff to find out about. I mean where else can I put up MY thoughts and have them read by complete strangers who apparently agree and like what I say?! It gives me hope for the humans! YEA!!!!

But seriously it is a joy to be able to “put it out there” so to speak and share your thoughts, dreams, views and craziness with “the world”.

I feel so old sometimes as I remember as a child watching movies with computers and of course the Jetsons, and thinking it would be so awesome to just have a typewriter and cars that flew! If you don’t get my Jetsons reference google it! It was a cartoon! Ha!

Now I am blogging on the world wide web for all to experience. Kinda a little bit scary in that good kinda way!

Now I am off to finish my chores and my Lists because I am behind but happy I am still breathing and still going!

Keep Hope Alive My Friends!

Have a Fabulously Graceless Friday!

P.S. I have been going through my journals as well as writing down “topics” for posts and came across this little jewel. It is a quote from “Odd Thomas” by  Dean Koontz that I can totally relate to and ask for so I am sharing it with you.

“These days, all I ask of fate is that the people she hurls into my life, whether they are evil or good, or morbidly bi-polar, should be amusing to one degree or another.”

Amen Brother Odd, Amen!


sometimes my headline goes away so I made a new one up

Greetings my FabulouslyGraceless folks!

Today has been quite high on the “how much of my stuff did I really get done today” meter!

I am a “bit” OCD and always have a jillion things to do but can somehow manage to get through a whole day with the feeling of nothing accomplished! Anyone else like that?!

So I started back on my “daily lists”.

I fully admit I have a post it note and notebook problem. I have them everywhere and can’t find one when I need it because someone (most likely my offspring or maybe even my other personality) moved it. Then I loose my mind for a few minutes, calm down and move on to that scrap of paper I found under the seat or in my purse. I keep pens and crayons on me at all times so I can write somehow! Oops I digressed a bit so back to my “topic”…

I make a List of Everything I can think of I need to get done. It’s always intimidating trust me! From go to the post office, check accounts, pick up items boy child needs, grocery, blog, bills – yes it gets overwhelming! *girl if you’re reading this I just put “go to the post office” on list for tomorrow!

The I make sub-list and from that a sub-sub list. At this point I wonder, does the person reading this think I am crazy or can they totally relate?! Because I also have colored tabs for different subjects (home, work, kid, other work, bills, etc.) – I said I was OCD! It’s not a bad thing to be organized!!

I have always worked the full time job since I graduated from high school. Only briefly in the last 25 plus years have I not received a “regular” paycheck. That is until recently when I was laid off. Of course I am getting an income, a tiny one, and I am working to make it better trust me. I’m not high maintenance (hehehe in my humble opinion) but I have standards!

So now we have a work ethic and “schedule” of over 25 years in the making and no concrete day to day job to go to with one very OCD mama who needs that structure in her life! Desperately! For her own sanity!

I decided to “take the reigns” so to speak and get my life back on track and I am happy to report that today I got the Big List started and several of the sub & sub subs done – go me! I even was able to scratch off “complete”! *Celebrate! Holiday! Oh yeah! **another one of my little “endearing qualities” is I have random moments of happy dances and bits of songs in my head that I just let out for no reason…. welcome to my mind!

All of this means that I am happy in my soul and I am keeping hope alive that my next “job” is what I want to do and can support me and my boy. (*note: I am in no means destitute, I am fortunate to have a wonderful family and fabulous friends who help me out and I help them back! My mama is the best so I’m just throwing that out there because without my mama, my dreams of following my dreams of writing for a living would not be happening right now! Ahhhh tender moment!)

Did I mention I have on my robe and no make up cause that’s how I am rockin’ it – getting in done in comfort and my own style! Dreams do come true!

I hope you all have had a fabulous gracelessness Thursday!




So I decided to blog because I have been a person who reads all my life. I read everything, books, back of products, magazines, blogs, newspaper, on-line articles – I READ! I also keep a journal – in fact I have so many spanning my lifetime it’s like a mini library of crazy!

Starting this blog was something I wanted to do for fun.
It is fun but it is work!

I will admit I can be technically challenged so working on the back end is a bit intimidating but I am up for it.

It is so amazing to me how many comments I have about “stumbling” onto my blog and liking it!

This makes my week people!!!

I just started posting my thoughts and WOW!

Now I have “followers” and people calling, texting, emailing me about my blog.

This is so awesome!

If I can do this Anyone can!

Do something you love! Overcome the fear by facing it!

So someone doesn’t like what I write, fine. They don’t have to read it!

I love reading others blogs myself and follow about 20 at least!

The best way to start is to just DO IT!

Always keep hope alive!

Be fabulous! Embrace your inner Gracelessness!