Ok I will say it – I. Hate. SPAM!

It’s one thing when it’s in my inbox, I can scan it and dump it. However I am learning when one has a blog, nearly every comment is considered SPAM.

How bad could it be? Over 300 comments with a good 90% spam! And since the rules, that would be the ones in my head, say I need to respond to comments related to my post I started going through the SPAM section. Holy crap! It’s just as bad as SPAM in your emails! If not worse!

Apparently online casinos are big as well as some kind of muscle workout enhancement. I don’t CARE! I don’t need any enhancements and if I want to do the gamblin’ I will go hang with my friends for an entertaining evening of poker.

This, of course, means I get to learn more about filtering and how to weed out the crap and find the good. Like the nice person who said they liked my writing – yes I checked they were legit! And a few others with comments genuinely related to what I wrote. I SO APPRECIATE IT!!! IT IS AWESOME!

But the SPAM – Holy Guacamole – this is insane!

I really had the thought, “do they have nothing better to do that post comments about stuff completely unrelated to anything here?” and then I remembered, “I am now a blog writer. If I have time for this, I am so sure they have time to that.” And oh how it irritates me!

For the love of Pete and as I am sure many writers everywhere agree, pay attention to the content. I would rather get “this post so sucked” than to have to check and delete something that is totally unrelated to my blog. Because it is my blog.

Gee I grin when I say that! Maybe I can tackle this SPAM crap!

Then I will write a real post! HA!

Keep hope alive and have a fabulous morning!

A few things I never thought I would say….

“Do not lick the door in the restroom!”

“Do not do barking spiders/pooter scooters or farts on Anyone! I don’t care how much you love them or how good of friend they are to you.”

Seriously. These are things that I have repeatedly said to my boy!

When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited. I didn’t think I could have a child. Then I found myself praying for just One in there and please let it be a boy.

So that I am not taken the wrong way, I love little girls. I love being an auntie to my niece. She rocks. She’s like me. It scares me. The thought of having a girl child like myself scared me more than the thought of having multiples (unless it was multiple girls – gah!).

I have never been into fashion, never too girly girl so I thought raising my own boy would be easy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Um no!

I mean he is quite the cutie and we don’t argue over what he’s wearing, which I know will probably change when he gets older. His current demands at times are still negotiable. I mean I have no issue with green shirt and orange shorts with the blue hat. I don’t freak out that his chap stick is blue and it looks as if he has been eating blue candy when I go into the store.

I have had to tell him we don’t “share” his poop stories. No one wants to know that if you eat the blue frosting on the cupcakes from Kroger you have blue poop. Ok maybe a few people want that information because it’s funny but still. Every child has to learn boundaries  I just didn’t think I would be explaining why discussing body functions are off limits to everyone but close family and friends. And even then it may not be a good time!

For months after he went to the bathroom at a restaurant he would be walking back to the table with me proudly exclaiming “I peed and pooped and it was stinky!” Really kid, the wait staff at the Red Lobster does not care nor do the patrons. All they now know is don’t go in the bathroom for a bit!

I couldn’t make this up. I seriously have started writing down the things I have to say because it is just too funny and I have to share it with my friends. And apparently anyone who reads my blog!

One of my favorite quotes I recently read was “raising a kid is like watching a Tarantino movie….lots of talking and lots of violent screaming.” Truth!



Plans, dreams and reality

We all have that picture in our head of how something is supposed to work or flow. Whether it is getting out of bed, a meeting, a relationship or any random thing you are doing most of us can picture it in our mind of how it will go down.

You may even go so far as to say 75% of the time we are right. (Yes, I am being generous here I know but Hope people!).

It’s the 25% that can knock you into a “what just happened?” moment.

In high school I thought I had my life planned out. Where I would go to college, who and when I would get married and how many children I would have. I must have been delusional! NOTHING went how I had it planned in my mind! I got a few college credits but no degree. I gained so much learning from life itself I did not feel the need for more education. That “married and kids thing”? Yeah it didn’t work out so hot either. I was married and I did have a child but again nothing went as planned!

However I would not change it a bit. I have asked myself that very question many times. Maybe before “the boy” was born my answers may have been different but now? I wouldn’t trade a thing because I have him.

Yes being a parent is Hard. Yes it is work. Yes I no longer know what “regular” sleep is and forget being alone in the bathroom. But he is so worth it!

If everything had “worked out” the way I had “planned” it, this adventure of my life would have been totally different. It may have been better. Or worse. Who knows?

I do know my life is far from perfect but I look at it as I have fabulous friends and family who will be there for me no matter what and a wonderful little boy who thinks I’m the coolest thing ever. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Another day, need another dollar

Running my errands this morning I came up with so many grand ideas to write about, then I forgot to write them down! Yes this is my life!

I am so OCD I plan with contingency plans and then have mini freak outs when I something so off happens I have no plan. Such is the world. Life happens while you’re making plans! This a true statement!

But the sun is shining, I am alive and thankful to have my coffee!

Seriously we often wake cranky and irritable because this or that doesn’t go the way we “planned” it to.

While we are in said pity party/irritation spot/mini rage we do not consider we woke up most likely in our bed (or couch or chair) that we enjoy sleeping in or at least have the option to sleep in. We don’t consider those who have no place to sleep, no shower and no coffee. They may not even have food. I am not a “morning eater” meaning I can’t eat food when I first open my eyes. But I have that option. And I am grateful for it. I do however consume coffee. I am grateful for that as should anyone who comes into contact with me should be grateful I have it as well!

So just take a minute out of your own bubble to think about and be grateful for what you do have. There are so many out there that don’t have anything.

And if you’re feeling a bit fine share your happiness by giving your time or a few dollars to those who need it more than you. If you are buying a coffee buy one for the next person. The whole pay it forward concept is awesome!

As for me I am going to now earn those dollars I so desperately need!

Have a fabulous day!



The things I do….

Here it is almost midnight and I am writing again. Something I truly enjoy and can’t seem to stop doing!

I should be in bed, dreaming and resting up as there is Always work to do, people to care for and something my OCD brain needs to clean/organize. However I am so excited I just had to write! Not even sure if it makes sense at this late hour but it doesn’t concern me as I am doing what I love WRITING!

Tomorrow is a full day of taking the boy, my son age 4 1/2, to school, running errands, working and writing. Oh and karate for the boy later in the day!

Being a mommy at 39 was very humbling for me and made me realize the more important things in life. Like sleep. One can never seem to get enough! HA! But seriously just taking joys in the simple things that I was always “too busy” to do at times makes all the difference in the world. He is my miracle babe and I am grateful that I was given the gift of him and helping him on his journey in this life.

I am also writing for my son to see how crazy his mama is and to also show the many sides to what writing can do.

Words have power. You should stand behind you words and if you make promises, keep them. If you can’t you should not only apologize but make right the wrong and not keep repeating the mistakes. Like the boy who cried wolf, one of my favorite analogies I tell the boy, you can’t keep repeating it over and over or no one will believe you.

As I do feel the pull of my comfy bed I leave you with a lovely good night and pleasant dreams.

As always, keep hope alive!

Tomorrow could be the best day of your life!