Ok I will say it – I. Hate. SPAM!

It’s one thing when it’s in my inbox, I can scan it and dump it. However I am learning when one has a blog, nearly every comment is considered SPAM.

How bad could it be? Over 300 comments with a good 90% spam! And since the rules, that would be the ones in my head, say I need to respond to comments related to my post I started going through the SPAM section. Holy crap! It’s just as bad as SPAM in your emails! If not worse!

Apparently online casinos are big as well as some kind of muscle workout enhancement. I don’t CARE! I don’t need any enhancements and if I want to do the gamblin’ I will go hang with my friends for an entertaining evening of poker.

This, of course, means I get to learn more about filtering and how to weed out the crap and find the good. Like the nice person who said they liked my writing – yes I checked they were legit! And a few others with comments genuinely related to what I wrote. I SO APPRECIATE IT!!! IT IS AWESOME!

But the SPAM – Holy Guacamole – this is insane!

I really had the thought, “do they have nothing better to do that post comments about stuff completely unrelated to anything here?” and then I remembered, “I am now a blog writer. If I have time for this, I am so sure they have time to that.” And oh how it irritates me!

For the love of Pete and as I am sure many writers everywhere agree, pay attention to the content. I would rather get “this post so sucked” than to have to check and delete something that is totally unrelated to my blog. Because it is my blog.

Gee I grin when I say that! Maybe I can tackle this SPAM crap!

Then I will write a real post! HA!

Keep hope alive and have a fabulous morning!


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