Plans, dreams and reality

We all have that picture in our head of how something is supposed to work or flow. Whether it is getting out of bed, a meeting, a relationship or any random thing you are doing most of us can picture it in our mind of how it will go down.

You may even go so far as to say 75% of the time we are right. (Yes, I am being generous here I know but Hope people!).

It’s the 25% that can knock you into a “what just happened?” moment.

In high school I thought I had my life planned out. Where I would go to college, who and when I would get married and how many children I would have. I must have been delusional! NOTHING went how I had it planned in my mind! I got a few college credits but no degree. I gained so much learning from life itself I did not feel the need for more education. That “married and kids thing”? Yeah it didn’t work out so hot either. I was married and I did have a child but again nothing went as planned!

However I would not change it a bit. I have asked myself that very question many times. Maybe before “the boy” was born my answers may have been different but now? I wouldn’t trade a thing because I have him.

Yes being a parent is Hard. Yes it is work. Yes I no longer know what “regular” sleep is and forget being alone in the bathroom. But he is so worth it!

If everything had “worked out” the way I had “planned” it, this adventure of my life would have been totally different. It may have been better. Or worse. Who knows?

I do know my life is far from perfect but I look at it as I have fabulous friends and family who will be there for me no matter what and a wonderful little boy who thinks I’m the coolest thing ever. It doesn’t get much better than that!



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