Let’s do this Monday and in context please!

monday 2016

Welcome to the first Monday of 2016!

We are officially here and all up into the New Year whether we want to or not!

Lately I have been noticing more and more people taking things out of context. This is not only with me but with others as well.

People can take a portion out of a book, a conversation, an article and twist it to try and make their point. Often people take context out of the Bible to bolster their beliefs and feelings. This is something that I see far too often and is extremely frustrating to deal with.

What I don’t understand is when you go back and read over, replay or try to connect with this person regarding said topic, they attempt to stand their ground when it is clear as mud that said topic was taken out of context.

In fact, it can make things more confusing and convoluted by taking something out of context yet some people find it easier to use for manipulation or to try and control a situation.

It’s interesting to note that, for the majority of situations, when you confront a person whose needs are more about deceit and ill gain, that they will argue to the end of time about how they are right and you are wrong.

The other folks, me included, once realized something was taken out of context, will re-evaluate the information and, for the most part, admit it does alter the meaning and the message. We then work to communicate on making sure the matter is cleared up.

I try to always take the time to make sure the information is all of the facts or just portion of the facts. Whether it be regarding work, relationships or general situations, I do my best to understand the full scope of what is being said or going on. Too many mistakes can be made from jumping to conclusion or over-reacting.

Monday’s can be a challenge as it is.

How about we all try to just get through this day without pulling a bunch of crap out of context? How about we work to be a bit nicer than normal because it’s the first Monday of the New Year and why not set the pace on a positive step?

Maybe it will start a habit of being nicer on Mondays. Couldn’t hurt!

monday not bad

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Keep Hope Alive!




3 thoughts on “Let’s do this Monday and in context please!

  1. If something isn’t crystal clear, it never hurts to ask someone to clarify themselves and what they meant before you assume. I Hate text messaging as messages look different on various types of phones, there’s talk to text that uses no punctuation if someone does not stop to breath while dictating lol. I personally am done with quite a few things, one of them being text messages that are no longer than 3 to 4 words containing a simply message such as ” on my way” etc etc


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