Things to not do on an interview… yes, you lady with the club clothes on!

I have been doing interviews for several weeks where I work.

I do an extensive phone interview with most applicants and go with my gut feeling. For the most part, it has served me well finding folks that fit the needs of certain clients and others who will be a great fit for our team. I am human. I make mistakes in my “gut feelings” sometimes. Other times, I am just in shock at some of the things I have heard and seen from ladies applying for jobs.

I am not even close to being a fashion diva. Diva maybe a bit, but fashion is not my thing. I am often thrilled when someone compliments me on whatever I have thrown together. I try to look decent as I am working with clients and potential clients as well as marketing my company to the public. I am always clean and somewhat put together. Sometimes I have crazy hair and my makeup may not be perfect. I am just impressed that I care enough to put on makeup for a job!

With that said I realized some people have no clue when it comes to applying for employment. No matter what field you are in, there are just certain things that you may want to consider when going in to fill out an application.

As the majority of the applicants have been female, I am often thrown for a loop when meeting people at the office by their appearance

Please know I am not “judging” but am responding to what I have seen repeatedly. Some of it I can’t un-see and my retinas still burn.

I don’t know your situation, you finances or your beliefs.

I do know that some of you are actually trying to better yourself and get a job.

However there are others who like to say they are trying to better themselves and get a job but I question whether they really mean it all the time or just in the moment.

I have spoken to several folks on the phone that is all enthusiastic and open and wanting to work. We sometimes talk longer if we get on a common thread. These people I put little stars by their names and notes of what we discussed. I tell them when they come into the office we can further discuss, but that it is just mostly paperwork and a face to face to see if we feel like it’s a fit for both of us.

I may not be able to put someone to work straight away, but having good people on your team is key to being able to provide the service my clients need.

I always have some to reschedule and also no calls/no shows. Thanks to those who wasted my time. If you can’t bother to at least call, I can’t bother to reschedule. You better have a good reason as to why you left me hanging.

I get ladies who come in and look like they are going out to a club. It’s 10:30 in the morning and I really don’t know too many clubs open at that time. You do look nice and maybe if it was a late afternoon interview and you were going out, but no. You tell me how you use to work at the bank or in retail and miss getting dressed up to go to work. Yes, I do ask theme where they worked as I can’t help but wonder who dresses like this to go to work in the morning.

I actually had a lady show up with her husband in tow who was acting like her manager, right down to filling out her application. She was dressed like she was going out with tons of jewelry, coat purse and dress that was way too short for that time of the morning. All I could think was, “Did I really make an appointment with this person? Why is he here and for the love of Pete why is he answering the questions I am asking her?” There were no stars by her name after the interview!

Then there are those who clearly do not wear makeup on a regular basis. I get it as the stuff can be confusing to apply. I once ordered the spray on makeup from the home shopping network but was wise enough to only attempt it with a friend when we weren’t going anywhere. It totally sucked by the way and I don’t like any sprays around my face. It was a dumb idea I realize. But your day of interview is not the time to try smoky eyes and that new foundation that looks as if it could be scrapped off with a spoon.

Also, no more tight clothes that show every curve you have. For that matter, all your nooks and crannies too. Just stop. You cannot think that looks professional in any way. Not even business casual can cover whatever skin tight ensemble you have tossed together.

I know the messy hair, don’t care thing is in too. My “sleek” ponytail as you called it is me running late and not wanting to deal with the medusa like substance on my head. But my hair is clean and I am not sporting the laid back, nearly pajama style that you are. I get we wear scrubs to the job and they are fine for interviews, scrubs Not pajamas. Also, you are not Kate Moss and the “messy” look makes you appear that you just got out of bed and made zero effort to even look as though you attempted to do anything with your clothes and hair.

I wonder if I am out of line even writing this, but I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

Even wearing jeans with a nice top and being clean, and easy on the perfume, is so much better than club clothes, tight clothes and pajamas!

I am just trying to help out my fellow females.

It isn’t like I won’t hire someone for how they are dressed. I won’t hire someone who doesn’t think about the job they are interviewing for and acting completely crazy once they get in front of me. This isn’t the “being nervous” for the interview crazy either. I do not want to know your life story from DNA up, your menstrual cycle and every lover you ever had. I may laugh with you, but I am marking up “tells too much personal info and has drama she shares” on my paperwork. Those topics have nothing to do with the job you are applying for.

We all make fashion faux pas; trust me I make them weekly! But when I work I am professional. I am not look like the magazine fashionista, but I can guarantee I look clean and put together for the most part!

Have you ever had to do crazy interviews with people like this? Have you ever been this person?

Sometimes it’s hard, but I always keep hope alive!


4 thoughts on “Things to not do on an interview… yes, you lady with the club clothes on!

  1. I understand this. I feel like I take care in my appearance even if I’m just going in to pick up an application. I feel like first impressions make a difference and you never know who’s looking you over and who they will say something to if you walk in looking a mess. So yes, even to pick up an application, I try to look nice. I feel like I interview well, but for some reason after I turned 50, I can’t seem to land a job. Do companies shy away from people over 50? I know some of my friends and my husband have been having the same experience. We are intelligent people, quality employees, not the kind you have been describing. I’m just curious since you seem to be in the head hunting business if you could give me some insight.

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    1. Well I am so not a head hunter! I am in the “assisted living services” a.k.a. field of caregiving.
      Honestly our oldest employee is 75. I had a lady who was 93 call about working. Other than the fact she wasn’t allowed to drive, per her daughter, she was fine and in better condition that some of our staff that are in their 20’s!
      I really think it depends on the industry. Some companies have no problem with seasoned folks and others seem to shy away as you said.
      I also see it on the other end of the spectrum where if someone is young, they may not be considered for their youth.
      Either way I don’t see it as fair!
      I know that when I was interviewing folks, what they were wearing didn’t matter as much as experience and attitude.
      Obviously people coming in wearing club clothes, pajamas or supertight clothes kind of disturbed me! I know I hired at least 4 ladies who had on jeans, tennis shoes and just a normal shirt.
      I wish y’all luck and wish you were closer to me as I would be happy to help in the search for employment!
      Keep hope alive!


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