Some days and it’s only Tuesday

Some days I am just done. I am still tired from the weekend and working and it is full speed ahead! Siesta anyone?!

Onward and into the week! Off we go! We are going! Watch us go! Dayum we are good look how much got accomplished! Handled that decom with the practice of a pro! Professional and parenting scores on high! Whew! High 5’s all around! We are kicking it good! *Happy dance all around!*

Then I remember there are more days on than off left in my week.

its only tuesday

This is the times I wish I could drink! Oh and have a maid, butler, personal assistant, trainer and chef! Apparently in my addled, delusional brain I have won the lottery! Go me!

This is what happens some days inside of my mind. Cognitive moments, cheering myself on, handling the maos then reality, delusions and still acting like I’m okay to go… small moves Ellie!

And then I remembered, it’s groundhogs day… have I done this before?!

Happy Birthday to my bro-in-law B Hop and my nephew CJH! I love y’all and thank you both for your service to our country! *they probably don’t read my blog but I can still give them a shout out! Father and son born 21 years apart, both served in the military, both fabulous human beings!

Keep Hope Alive!


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