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In the world of smart phones and instant access to upload anything to the World Wide Web, people have become obsessed with the selfies and photographing of themselves to share with everyone and “sometimes” just with their “friends”.

I understand folks make money at it and it’s entertaining that they are from all walks of life.

selfie friend ugly

I’m not too much of a selfie kind of person. Really. Taking photos with my boy, friends and family is more of what I take photos of. Yes, I guess a few selfies here and there (snapchat anyone?!) to share with friends, and when I got glasses or am being goofy, but taking photos of myself all the time is not my thing.

It’s amusing at times, but I prefer not thanks.

I had to get a photo for my badge at work made. It was hideous and sometimes I really think I look like a crazed lunatic with this wild hair and when I smile I look pained or like I need medication stat.

never date selfies man

I have talked with several people through emails and texts over the years now and am greatly amused when I get selfies of friends. Something that is more entertaining is males that feel the need to flood my in-box or texts with photos of themselves. It’s a wee bit creepy.

My sister and I send each other selfies being goofy or “does this look ok? Tell me if I look like a hooker” selfie but that is the kind of selfie I am more familiar with. Those in the moment selfies not the look at me kind… you know?

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So I decided to experiment with the selfie in the mirror type because up until this blog, I have never done it. I was laughing so hard at myself a few photos in because of the poor quality of the mirror, it needed to be cleaned, it was late and I needed sleep! I was experimenting with how much effort some folks put into these selfies. I probably took maybe 20 and only kept 5. Scary I tell you!!

I laugh because I just don’t put that much effort into it. I realized I am more of an “in the moment” kind of person when it comes to this. I am not a “plan out a selfie session” person. That requires more effort than I want to spend taking a photo of myself and more time than I have other than amusing social experimentation!

I really am in awe of these people that do it and actually touch it up with special apps! I’m all proud of myself for cropping and maybe one of those free filters that’s on the smarter-than-me phone.

I realize selfies are a part of how some people are.

I also realize that I am not that way. However, I am sharing a few of the selfies from my experiment! Enjoy and remember these are the select few that made the cut! I also kept the camera in the photos so you could tell it is an actual selfie! Isn’t that the point?!


Have a fabulous day and keep hope alive!


3 thoughts on “Selfies

  1. Lmao, thank you. I needed this, this Friday. Plus, it reminds me of an old friend of mine I ran into yesterday who has a whole folder actually named “selfiestoshare”. This makes your post even more entertaining as I realize what a wide variety of people I have known over the years; it also makes me stop and think too! lol. Thanks for the great post today lol. Great day to be alive When you Keep Hope Alive!!


  2. Am laughing at the saying about not dating a man who takes more selfies than you do b/c in my 20s, I had a date in which the man had hairsprayed his hair–ick. A lot. And I told my roommate I would never date a man who hairsprayed more than I did. Yours is a more modern version!

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