I am like the wildflowers.

The manicured look is not for me.

My garden is the world I live in wherever that may be.

I’m told they are weeds, just useless flowers that aren’t meant for anything.

I find them beautiful.

A wildflower from a child given is something of beauty.

Yet some see them in a different light.

I love how they are free to grow wherever they land.

I would rather have wildflowers than vases of roses.

I see myself in their simplicity.



One thought on “Wildflowers

  1. “Life can change in an instant. You never know what will happen or when plans will change.
    Tell you family and friends you love them and how much they mean to you every chance you get.” It does change in an instant, and sometimes we have to do what we think is best to prepare ourselves and the ones we love for what is coming. To plan your own funeral is hard, but it is harder for the ones you love to do it after the fact. People do things for a reason whether others may understand the reasoning or not. Maybe it is to lighten a load for a loved one that already has way too much on their plate as it is. Life is short and can change in an instant. Letting someone or something you love “go”, so that they can go on and be happy and not worry and have an extra load, it’s done out of love. I wish some people could come to understand that. I want my ashes spread in the wind to dust the wildflowers, because that is how I have always seen myself; for from dust we came and to dust we shall return. For the folks that can not understand and respect that, I’m sorry. I hope they realize I’ve done what I’ve done out of love and compassion, and at least be able to bring themselves to tell me goodbye and have closure. Maybe it’s too painful, or maybe they just really didn’t love and care as much as I thought they did. Whatever the case may be, I hope they always stay exactly who they are; a unique, one of a kind wildflower.


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