Challenge accepted….. more like a kick in the pants!

So I am back… hopefully for at least the next 30 days or so! HA!

One of my friend, she’s a fabulous human I greatly admire actually, presented a challenge on the FaceBook to write for 30 days. Me thinking, “I did it for a year, I can do 30 days!” She’s quite talented and our back story is quite amusing! I’m just so thankful I have her now! Her and her amazing husband are inspirations to so many!

Of course, I wasn’t thinking about anything but the challenge and how much I miss writing here.

I wasn’t thinking about the time and commitment it takes to put out quality posts. I wasn’t thinking of my OCD and how I feel I owe it to anyone who decides to read my blog to get something entertaining, amusing or hoping to just feel a bit better.

I wasn’t thinking of how I have volumes written and how I will most likely hit a nerve or two coming back. I can’t help but write how I perceive things, right or wrong.

Yeah, I tend to over think a bit much! Possibly a topic within the next 30 days… something tells me I won’t go so long in between posts after this.

Just what I needed a good kick in the pants!

Fabulous Gracelessness has returned. I’ve never stopped writing, my blog just slowed a lot.

That changes as of today.

Never forget to keep hope alive!

Just an FYI, there are some fabulous humans also doing this challenge. While we are from all walks of life, we are supporting each other and I will be sharing links to their pages soon! Support your fellow writers!



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