Like the waves, Tuesday crashes in

It seems like Tuesday is just crashing in behind Monday. The waves non-stop. Forget calm waters it seems it’s like a storm.

Must be time for the storms of life to do another cleansing. I do love a good cleansing.

Cleansings are good for the soul.

Maybe that’s what I need right now.

I know I am not alone in that need. Life moves so fast that I am often surprised when what I have been needing or searching for actually appears. I am so fortunate to realize the moments and recognize that this is the moment that I was looking for, the one my soul craved.

It’s funny how when you are working to make things better and you get all up into looking for it sometimes you don’t see it beginning because you are so into looking.

Maybe, just maybe, it just happens and you need to slow down and enjoy life. When you least expect it to, it happens.

Meanwhile, the waves crash into the next day just like they did yesterday. Maybe I can catch just one.


Wants, needs and desires


Lately I’ve been observing what I want, what I truly need and the things that I desire in my life.

I have been making a conscious effort to basically pick apart my thoughts, words, actions and deeds. I have been hard on myself as it is a painful thing to do, if I am being honest.

Seeing how I can be or can be perceived can tear at me in such a way it can leave me speechless.

Hearing how I sound at times when I communicate with others, once played back, can be looked upon as poor or plain miscommunication. Either way I know that in several relationships I need to work on conveying how I am feeling, not how I want to feel. Because if I am honest, I don’t often let people in as deep as I am due to the fact that I feel that if they truly saw ME they would run away and I would never hear from them again. It does happen. This I know.

I know that I am working to get my groove back since I started working full time plus outside of the realm of mommy, writer and homemaker diva.

I lost my crown a while back in case anyone was keeping score.

I have flaws but it’s odd that even when I state that for the record, it gets lost until I finally screw up enough that an attempt to toss it back at me ends poorly for all involved. I admit my quirks and imperfections. Take me or leave me but don’t act as if I have hidden them.

One of the things I now work into my life equations is the boy. Parenting is an amazing responsibility.

Before I had him all my thoughts, dreams and impulsions were much easier and I didn’t have to go with the flow I could swim against the current if I chose to do so. I can still swim against the currents, but I have to think about the other life I am responsible for. I have to choose what is not only best for me but him too.

Am I making it harder on me by choosing the easier path? Have I become a cop out?! Only I can answer those questions.

Only I can truly determine what I need versus my wants and desires. Something I do not take lightly. I can’t.

As I do daily, I am examining more closely me.

I try not to be so harsh on myself.

I always keep hope alive!

“Me” Time

Do you ever have those times when you just want to be alone but don’t ever seem to have the time?

You never quite take time for yourself but you don’t really pay attention to those warning sirens in your head that say “STOP YOU PSYCHO YOU HAVE TO SLOW DOWN AND TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF OR I WILL MAKE YOU STOP!” Complete with cymbals, fireworks and other loud noises to make you Listen… Or some kind of something like that!

Yeah welcome to my world!

There’s always something or somebody that needs or wants your attention. Bills, laundry, errands, jobs, family, friends, the list is endless. You may feel guilty for even thinking about it because you feel a responsibility to take care of things ASAP and not consider the importance of You.

It can be overwhelming at times.

Sometimes you do just have to STOP.

For me I have to stop, re-group, attempt to re-organize and remember to Breathe!

I have to let the memories and feelings wash over me and let them do as they may.

I have to embrace them, examine them and try to figure out why I sometimes feel I am ever so slowly losing more of my mind than I feel I have already lost.

I HAVE to have “me” time and have been accused or more than 10 occasions of being “selfish”.

Maybe I am.

Maybe I give and give and go and go and really do need to just stop.

Either way I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

I was talking to a very good friend the other day. We live about 11 miles apart and haven’t seen each other in person in a year.

We have known each other for 20-ish years and we do keep in touch. They are very dear to me and I can’t imagine life without them but yet we don’t “see” each other that much and talk sometimes but not your weekly conversation, more like every few months and we text. We care about each other like siblings. We are there when it counts.

We were talking about this very thing. “Me” time and really how a person NEEDS it.

How yes, you are often considered selfish when you “take it” as if your time belongs to someone other than yourself.

You designate the “me” time.

You give your time to your job, your spouse/significant other, your children, your family and friends. You may spend extra time with charities and hobbies that usually involve others but you don’t always remember to take “time out” for yourself.

And by golly it’s so Important to have “ME” if we are to grow as a human beings.

If you can’t take time, whether it be a few hours a week (even broken down into minutes here and there if you have a family, children or relationship), a day or days if you can to get yourself some quality “ME” time you Will start to unravel.

That is scary. Scarier if you don’t even recognize it.

Because then you start to affect those very people you share your other time with. You start to “float off” when you should be paying attention.

Maybe it affects your health, your relationships, your job.

Maybe it begins as a tiny tear but slowly it begins to eat away at the very fabric of who you are.

Then people ask why your cranky, distant, acting “weirder than normal”. Why you don’t call them back, why you aren’t you your crazy, goofy, demented self.

Then you realize.

I have lost myself.

I have forgotten who I am.

And you Find the time for You.

Because without some me time, there is no Life time.

You can’t share with others what you don’t have.

Find some time for the “me” in You.

I know I am.

Have a fabulously graceless Friday my friends!