Missing mah sister

You know the high you get when the person who knows you best in the wide world and you get to finally spend time together for a few days because you rarely get to see each other?! That is so awesome.

What sucks is when they have to leave.

You drive them back to the airport and walk them to security, hug that last emotional good-bye knowing it will be months before you see them again and most likely a year before they come back.

At least it’s like that for me. My sister came in for 4 days and it was amazing! We laughed so hard we “spritzed” (new word I still can’t stop laughing over definitely not child appropriate word), snorted, cried and lost breath over.

We visited with friends and family. We talked about those things that really matter… the itty, gritty and sometimes shitty things in life that you don’t feel you can have with anyone else who will understand you kind of conversations.

When you’ve known someone all your life, over half your life or that person you connect with that knows the core of who you have always been, interactions become like an extension of yourself. You can live on opposite sides of the country and still pick up in conversation and right in step whether it’s been 8 days, 8 months or 8 years.

It’s one of those connections in life you really are blessed to have.

So when they leave it is a downer.

Yes it was fun, yes it was all we had hoped and more. But sometimes, we need a little more time. Sometimes it hurts to see them go when you know you need each other.

That’s the adulting part that really sucks. We can’t just “take a few extra days.” We have responsibilities and families. Not that we resent any of it. We just wish for more time.

And we are grateful to have been able to share time together.

I’m missing my sister.

She hasn’t even touched down at home yet and I was trying to talk her into coming back during her layover!

So today I keep going. I know I will find myself laughing at our time together. Something’s you can never unsee nor do you want to!

Keep Hope Alive!




Celebrate Monday

Celebrate! It’s Monday!

Obviously Fabulously Gracelessness has stepped outside of her mind for her to be yelling “Celebrate!” on a Monday!

Well maybe a little, but actually it is because I took a day off *gasps* because I wanted to hang out with my sister before she left!

So I am in that happy place but also in that “Oh my god what is happening at the office without me” place too. Yeah. Like Sybil I am torn but still happy!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderfully fabulous Monday!

If not, then keep hope alive that this day gets better! You deserve it!



Easter bonnets, leather and lace

Growing up Easter Sunday meant new outfits, going to church with the family followed by lunch and a big Easter egg hunt with a bunch of other kids and families. Easter bonnets and glovers with patent leather Mary Jane’s were the style back in the day.

As I aged, I didn’t always get a new outfit or go to church. I didn’t always make it to a good dinner and I definitely didn’t do too many egg hunts.

Once I became a parent a few things changed.

I don’t have a huge income so I find something nice to wear if I don’t get myself something. The boy always gets new clothes.

I don’t like crowds but I sometimes go to church with the boy. The walls didn’t cave in when I went and most everyone was polite.

I seem to eat more good Sunday lunches like I did when I was a kid and I have gone to more egg hunts in the last 6 years than I did the previous 20!

This year my sister is home for one of those over the top southern holidays she had forgotten about how things may go down for Easter.

As she and I often do, we discuss our outfits for going out. She is much more fashionable than I am, with her planning my outfits because I don’t care as much as I probably should!

I was laughing so hard when I said we were going to church, and because we were texting and I just throw out my thoughts without filtering, I wrote, “Just wear a bonnet, leather and lace to church”! I know she knew what I meant, however I could not stop laughing at myself.

The “if I died and someone read this they would think I was off my rocker for sure” thoughts ran through my mind over and over. *note to self, clean out texts!

We plan to go to church, eat with family, go eat with more family and I am sure we will be egg hunting as we have the boy! I am very sure that no matter what happens, we will be laughing and having a fabulous time. It’s what we do.

I hope you all have a fabulously wonderful Easter Sunday!  




Glorious Saturday

Oh what a glorious morning!

Oh what a glorious day!

I’ve got a glorious feeling

Every things going my way!

I am hoping everyone is having a beautiful and fabulous day!

I am enjoying the company of my sister and laughing so hard I can’t breathe… it’s awesome!

We laugh the laugh where our face muscles hurt so bad but we can’t stop laughing. Knowing someone for nearly your entire life brings things into perspective when you get together at least for us. It’s like we become children again but children with credit cards, a license and free will! Then we feel different… oh yes, the aging thing! But yet we cram in so much in the short time we have it is so worth it!

I hope you all can find something to laugh about today!

Laughter is the best medicine!

Keep Hope Alive!!


Back in the saddle

The day after a day off always makes me feel crazier for some reason.

ks good

It’s all of those things I didn’t do or get done that I had needed to do. However, since I was able to spend four glorious days laughing until I nearly puked it was worth it!

My sister visited from the north and I think we visited every southern cuisine spot we could… Krystal’s, Milos, Waffle House, Chic-fill-A, Dreamland and a few others I know I am forgetting some. I think I am good for a while as I could probably live off the fat from the food for at least a few days!

southern food

I think we covered every topic known to man a few extraterrestrial ones too! If anyone saw us, especially on Saturday morning, they would have thought we were fighting but we were both so tired and punchy we had zero filter and went into several local businesses looking for one item. We were getting a bit smart-ass-ish with each other and I apologize now for anyone who may have been offended by our banter. Most folks just laughed but we did get a few stares from people who apparently never have any fun!

We visited friends and family, did the tour de childhood drives and just enjoyed the company of being together. We drive each other nuts but then we could never imagine life without each other. I wish it was so far to drive or expensive to fly. Sometimes you just need your sister.

I know that I will see her again in a few months but it’s those times in between that I miss her.

ks pill

I guess it’s time to attempt to jump back into the saddle and get ‘er done for now.

Have a fabulous day and keep hope alive!!


Take a moment, breathe…take today

imagination run wild

Please take a moment.

Take a breath.

Today is a new day to find your own way.

Today is yours to do with what you may.

Remember that your actions and any of you deeds, will be sure to come back to help or hurt you, some say in threes.

Try to make peace with you self and your life.

I know it can be hard as there’s joy and strife.

There are so many emotions strewn in between the fabric of my life and the belief in things unseen.

My journey is filled with challenges as well as moments of pure bliss.

I can truly say that my experiences thus far have lead me straight to this.

A moment in time, the right time of year… I feel everything that’s dealt to me and I’ve cried a thousand tears.

I’ve realized the times I treasure and focus on the more than before.

Just when I think the waters are calm the storms being once more.

Then I stop and breathe and remember my heart.

I only have to find the place in my soul.

I am not alone.

No one is alone unless they chose to be.

I do not have control over anyone but me.

I will keep my dreams alive and do my best to all of those I love and know they accept me for who I am.


Fabulous, graceless, flawed, crazy, loving, full of life and hope, caregiver, mother, imperfect, friend, daughter, sister, broken in places, aunt, flake, human be-ing evolving constantly.

Above all always remember to keep hope alive!


The “soul mate” predictor

There is a new “quiz” out on the Face book that’s called “who is your true soul mate?”.

You’ve no idea how much this amuses me, because if it were true it could help a lot of folks out!

However since it is by http://www.Captainquizz.com I am so sure it’s legit! *Can ya feel the sarcasm drip here?!

I had seen it but don’t do a lot of those “quizzes”, although sometime I admit that I do it just for fun.

I really wasn’t into it but was amused to see my friends enjoying doing it, and who it said their soul mate was. I admit a few friends and their mates were shown as soul mates when both of them did theirs. Kind of impressive when you think of how it matches you to your Facebook friends list!

Some friends were amused to note that their “soul mates” were, as in real life, a true, stand by you through anything friend.

Apparently, I am my sister from another mister’s soul mate! She took the test three times so it must be real!

I laughed so hard I wet myself! Just a little.

We have been in each others lives for over 35 years, since we were kids. Literally.

We went through growing up, puberty, those heinous teen years, after graduations, marriage, kids, moving far way, long distance trips, marriage, kid, divorce, death – you get the picture we are from birth to earth Steel Magnolias.

So yes I was Very amused and entertained by this.

Of course we’re soul mates! We didn’t need a dumb quiz to tell us that!

We’ve been through more madness than I will ever tell but always come out of it together!

Soul mate predictor. Ha!

Ok, I will admit I was intrigued to see if she was my soul mate so I took the quiz. Twice.

The first person was one of my moms best friends and though I love her dearly and all I just don’t see it.

Amused by it all I tried again.

This time I got said friends daughter!

I was laughing so hard I spit out my tea!

I thought it would give me the same answer but no, apparently when I take the test I have more than one soul mate.

And you know something?

I realized we do have more than one soul mate on this journey of life if we are truly lucky. Or blessed, however you see fit to look at it.

We define “soul mate” in loose terms to mean the person we are meant to spend our life with as in being a “couple”.

I know I hadn’t really thought about all of the people who are friends and family that I have “clicked” with instantly and jump straight up into their crazy and them to mine and haven’t looked back since as a “soul mate”.

It actually makes sense to me in my twisted, strange mind.

Some of these people I have known all of my life, others I have known anywhere from a few months to years (a lot of those in the 10 plus year category).

I am a collector of people, friends, if you will.

And not in a body part in the freezer kind of way, but in the relationship kind of way!

I have friends from all walks of life, all backgrounds, colors, religions and each one of them views the world from a different perspective. Each one of them near and dear to me in very different ways.

Some of them would never get along but for some of us, we tend to clump together.

No one is jealous of time spent with the others because we are secure in our relationships and where we are on this wild and insane journey together.

So if this Face book “Soul Mate” predictor can’t tell me who my soul mate is, I am sure I will be ok because I already know.

I’m fortunate to have so many I can call my soul mates on this fabulous life experience!

Have a fabulously graceless Friday! I Know I will!