Missing mah sister

You know the high you get when the person who knows you best in the wide world and you get to finally spend time together for a few days because you rarely get to see each other?! That is so awesome.

What sucks is when they have to leave.

You drive them back to the airport and walk them to security, hug that last emotional good-bye knowing it will be months before you see them again and most likely a year before they come back.

At least it’s like that for me. My sister came in for 4 days and it was amazing! We laughed so hard we “spritzed” (new word I still can’t stop laughing over definitely not child appropriate word), snorted, cried and lost breath over.

We visited with friends and family. We talked about those things that really matter… the itty, gritty and sometimes shitty things in life that you don’t feel you can have with anyone else who will understand you kind of conversations.

When you’ve known someone all your life, over half your life or that person you connect with that knows the core of who you have always been, interactions become like an extension of yourself. You can live on opposite sides of the country and still pick up in conversation and right in step whether it’s been 8 days, 8 months or 8 years.

It’s one of those connections in life you really are blessed to have.

So when they leave it is a downer.

Yes it was fun, yes it was all we had hoped and more. But sometimes, we need a little more time. Sometimes it hurts to see them go when you know you need each other.

That’s the adulting part that really sucks. We can’t just “take a few extra days.” We have responsibilities and families. Not that we resent any of it. We just wish for more time.

And we are grateful to have been able to share time together.

I’m missing my sister.

She hasn’t even touched down at home yet and I was trying to talk her into coming back during her layover!

So today I keep going. I know I will find myself laughing at our time together. Something’s you can never unsee nor do you want to!

Keep Hope Alive!




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