Back in the saddle

The day after a day off always makes me feel crazier for some reason.

ks good

It’s all of those things I didn’t do or get done that I had needed to do. However, since I was able to spend four glorious days laughing until I nearly puked it was worth it!

My sister visited from the north and I think we visited every southern cuisine spot we could… Krystal’s, Milos, Waffle House, Chic-fill-A, Dreamland and a few others I know I am forgetting some. I think I am good for a while as I could probably live off the fat from the food for at least a few days!

southern food

I think we covered every topic known to man a few extraterrestrial ones too! If anyone saw us, especially on Saturday morning, they would have thought we were fighting but we were both so tired and punchy we had zero filter and went into several local businesses looking for one item. We were getting a bit smart-ass-ish with each other and I apologize now for anyone who may have been offended by our banter. Most folks just laughed but we did get a few stares from people who apparently never have any fun!

We visited friends and family, did the tour de childhood drives and just enjoyed the company of being together. We drive each other nuts but then we could never imagine life without each other. I wish it was so far to drive or expensive to fly. Sometimes you just need your sister.

I know that I will see her again in a few months but it’s those times in between that I miss her.

ks pill

I guess it’s time to attempt to jump back into the saddle and get ‘er done for now.

Have a fabulous day and keep hope alive!!



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