My sister comes home today!!

Today I welcome my sister back home to the state where we grew up not too far from our childhood homes.

I need my sister like I need to breathe.

I have missed her.

Though we talk all the time on the phone and I visit her once a year, it isn’t enough.

It means the world when we are back “home” riding around laughing hysterically at each other.

The feeling of being complete and having a part of you that has seen it all makes a happy, content feeling in my soul.

It’s like this every time she comes home.

Now that I live here, it is even more special.

When I lived in other states and we would meet up and I would drive us “home” was always in the “best memories” jar.


But the older we get and the trips are here and there, having her here experiencing life with me, seeing things through our eyes and enjoying each other’s company in our old stomping grounds makes its that much more precious and fragile.

Today my sister comes home.

Hope is alive and the locals should probably be concerned!

Have a fabulous Good Friday!


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