Paradise is all about perception

Recently I got the chance to escape my surroundings and life for a weekend. All I knew was that I was riding shot gun and going to see another friend who lived in a tiny town in FL. My friend and I rode with the top down for the majority of the miles, singing and laughing and just enjoying the view. I must say my fabulously graceless hair style that day was wild wind and I couldn’t have been happier.

As we pulled into town after stopping at the local seafood mart, Piggly Wiggly and liquor store it was pointed out to me the new, and only, stop light in town. It was fancy for a town that had previously only had caution lights.


We pulled off the “main road” onto the road which lead to our friend’s home. Red dirt road no pavement. Yes I had reached what I had been longing for.


Paradise from the loud noises of the world. A few miles later we turned onto a driveway of sorts with fencing marked “Private Property” and the final leg of our journey to paradise. The beautiful pond with lily pads was on my left while two roads were in front with pasture on the right. I could barely make out a house on the right hill but we took a left, then another left and bounced down the sandy road to the compound we were staying in.

photo 1

By this time I was bouncing happily in my seat and already noting how little cell reception I was getting. Maybe it sounds crazy but I knew the only way for me to find my paradise was to be so far out that I could only use my phone if needed and then I had to open a door or stay outside. And outside was a beautiful landscape nearly untouched with groves of trees, a pond and trails that looked as if they were naturally placed to roam about the property.


Of course we had a “Mule” to ride around in and view the beauty. View the beauty I did. I only cursed myself 100 times for not grabbing the camera prior to my adventures. Dogs, ducks, deer and other creatures were all that were around us. The only thing missing was they boy but I will most definitely be bringing him here. It is a boy’s paradise!

This country girl was having a blast stomping around in my boots checking out the flora and fauna of the area.

There was no shortage of good food, beverages (and yes adult beverages because hey, what’s a vacation if you can’t enjoy if you would like but not get sloppy stupid?), music, quiet, amazing views and beyond fabulous company. We sat on the front porch for hours and, at times, didn’t say a word but enjoy the companionship and the view.

There was no bellman, concierge, and hustle and bustle of many but complete contentment of just being. I watched a car be pulled apart and part of a room constructed. I helped out when I could but I had an abundant amount of me time which I thoroughly enjoyed. Making lists of to-do items didn’t take me long. Writing was easier without so many distractions and I was about to pound out a few pieces and write down outlines for a couple of series I plan to do. Of course I wrote just for me too. It’s not an option for me it just happens so I was just glad I brought so many notebooks to write in!

It was also therapeutic for me in that I wasn’t expected or required to actually physically participate and do anything other than assist as I wanted so I didn’t injure my spine or hips any worse. This is huge for me as I tend to overdo when I am home and always when I have the boy to a degree. Two of my new friends were Molly and RD, I almost took RD home with me as he is just so full of life! See how adorable they are?

photo 3

So my weekend getaway I have to say was a success.

It was one of my kinds of paradise. I see paradise as a perception of each individual person. I may see it as a paradise but someone else my see it as boring or even “dumb”. That is perfectly fine as I am talking about My Paradise.

I am beyond blessed to be able to find paradise in the little things and enjoy those getaways when I can. When I can’t I find the paradise in life whatever the circumstances may be. I sometime have to search but it is worth it.

I believe everyone has it in them, sometimes you just have to find it.

I will leave you with this… try to find a little bit of paradise in your life. Just a tiny bit, at home, at work, while driving, on vacation – whatever it is just find it. You will be happier in your soul for it.

I wish everyone a fabulous day!

Keep Hope Alive!

photo 4





2 thoughts on “Paradise is all about perception

  1. Catching up on my blog reading. The same afternoon I got out of the hospital, had to go back, as my foot pulled so hard upwards, the arch of my foot tore ( 5 stitches), and a flare up of shingles down my face, arm, and left shoulder and back. It’s nice to be back reading and catching up. I can def. relate to perspective, as now that I’m “coming back around”, everything seems like paradise lol. Glad to see you were able to “get away” and get some much needed R&R, as life for you lately as been so busy and chaotic 🙂 It is always good to be surrounded by people you know you can count on no matter what, to help you through the rough spots and “just be” isn’t it? 🙂 Hang on to that, those kinda folks are hard and rare to find 😉 Perspective, always always good when that becomes clear, and that’s what life is all about really….how you look at things. It’s just very important to have balance though, because sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it, and you find out it wasn’t paradise after all.

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  2. That building in the picture looks so familiar, there used to be a somewhat of a “clubhouse” that Paul and used to ride down to with some folks we rode with sometimes on road trips or did charity rides with.


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