This really is a day of rest

When I started blogging, I made a promise to myself that I would post daily. So far I am keeping that promise and honestly I am really proud of myself. It’s hard to come up with topics daily and I know that some posts are better than others and some are just personal to me, I am always thrilled when others enjoy my thoughts and opinions.

Today is Sunday and is considered a day of rest. I think for my blog today and I am going to stick to the much needed rest. After a fabulous Walk to End Alzheimer’s yesterday in which I volunteered, I realized my body needs a bit more recovery time than it once did. Like once I could go out on a Friday or Saturday (or both) night and stay out and get up the following day and keep going. Not so much anymore!

I am going to share a few photos from the walk yesterday and wish you all a fabulously graceless Sunday!

alz sign 1

shirt front


front view

alz committee




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