Hello Monday to my Fabulously Graceless Friends!

Helloooo Monday! Hellooooo my Fabulously Graceless Friends!

I hope everyone survived their weekend and are ready to kick booty!

I always seem to have something up my sleeve to get through the day!

monday cafe mocha vodka valium

I work to find the happiness and the humor if possible. Laughter is the best medicine for many of our ailments. It’s like it transports you, all of you with your pain and suffering, all of the bad and laughter tosses it out of the room and makes you cry tears of happiness and your belly ache. Laughter is powerful!

laugh until belly hurts then laugh more

Of course I can always rely on those that I love to get me through it, no matter in person, through text, email or social media or a phone call. Those of whom we just know when the other needs us or the universe just makes it happen. Those people that God, the Universe or whatever have placed in my life at the perfect time and we stick it out for each other no matter what.

I then go back to the fact that I am Fabulous Gracelessness, Lady Maos and a crazy chic who loves to write so I share it with everyone on the intraweb.

tgif thank goodness im fabulous when not friday


I also remind myself, and those reading, to always Keep Hope Alive!

Have a fabulously fantastic Monday!!


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