Watching the world…. driving and being the passenger

As I it in the passenger seat I watch the world go by.

Since I drive so much, sometimes it is nice to sit back and let someone else drive so I can watch the view.

The perspective from passenger to driver, I’ve learned, can be vastly different.

Driving, I am always aware of the cars around me and sometimes miss the scenery because I have to pay attention to the other drivers, the road and keeping it between the lines. I do get to see and enjoy the beautiful scenery sometimes, but not as much as when I get to sit back and ride. I enjoy driving but I also enjoy not having to drive… depending on who is driving!

As the passenger, I am not only free to watch the scenery, but the other drivers we pass and the little things you miss when you have to drive.

The pretty flowers on the right side of the road, the peculiar looking human staring at you from the next lane, the buildings and businesses off the road.

On long drives, especially if I am on country back roads, I tend to look for the animals in the trees, the ones in the pastures and the homes of others. I always wonder what kind of people live there and what they are doing at that very moment. I sometimes make up stories in my head about them. I admit I do this while driving too if I am alone and the road is long.

I love singing to the radio and I equally love the sound of the tires on the pavement with no other noise but road noise.

When I’m in traffic, I will often crack my window to hear the music and occasional conversations of other commuters who have let their windows down. Often I hear a song I love and try to find it on my radio, and if I can’t, have been known to sing along, and loudly, to the other person’s radio!

I learned to drive at a young age, out in the country, three on a tree and then later in the parking lot of the local college. I loved the feeling of freedom that driving gave me. It still does, though I have to remind myself of it the more I age!

Sometimes it seems like I live in my car, running from place to place, between work, the boy, errands and things we need. I keep extra food, tissues, jackets, toys and wipes in my Jeep in case we happen to get stuck for a while. My friends joke it’s like I am prepared for the apocalypse with all the crap I carry around. Maybe I am. Or maybe I just like to be prepared.

After living in Atlanta for nearly 11 years, I knew it wouldn’t be a short ride to wherever I was going, and I guess I really started carrying so many provisions when I was living there. Since moving back home, I find I am often early and with time on my hands, I might as well have that snack I packed because it will be a while until I get to eat!

So when I get into someone else’s car, with my many bags, and they ask me why I need all that “crap” I can say I am prepared for almost anything! No one complains when I hand out drinks, snacks or crayons. And I’ve never hear nary a complaint when the googly eyes come out… who doesn’t love to put googly eyes on things?!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Keep Hope Alive!


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