Thanksgiving Eve

thanksgiving eve

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and we are running around,

Last minute shopping and errands abound.

Our intentions are pure, our plates are too heavy,

We scramble and drop and repair all our levees.

All while smiling & chatting, then we began baking & cleaning.

It is then we understand gratitude’s real meaning.

We plan for tomorrow, but also for the days after.

Just remember my friends, let’s finish this chapter.

We will stay up too late, way into the night,

To make sure our work is a beautiful sight.

We work very hard to make things just right.

We give all we have with all of our might.

We cannot forget why we celebrate this day.

We give thanks for our harvests and a safe place to stay.

We often forget about those who have nothing.

We should share in our feasts, our homes and give something.

Don’t let your heart be hardened with greed,

Please remember there are so many in need.

I ask you to remember in all of your running to not get an attitude,

Please smile and say thank you, for ‘tis the season of gratitude.

 tgiving word of action



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