Happy ALmost Thanksgiving!

happy almost thanksgiving

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving.

It is now 2 wake ups away.

There are many posting on social media what they are thankful for each day. People are contemplating recipes, relationships and what they will wear.

Some will be celebrating through the weekend as they could not get together with their loved ones on the actual day.

Some people are still working and some will have to work on Thanksgiving.


I am thankful every day. I am thankful for my boy, those I love, family and friends. I am thankful I finally have a full time job that is close to home. I am thankful I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I am thankful the jeep is still running. I am thankful for all my boyfriend does so much for me. I am thankful for those special friends who do more than ever asked. I am thankful I learned to control my temper years ago… Orange is a fall color but I don’t look good in it! I don’t “post” it on the social media. I am not sure if it is required, but if so, I am breaking that law. I don’t feel the need.

I have 2 recipes to make which won’t be hard but as my friend says, “It so smacks of effort!” They will get made and who knows?! I may bake a cake as well but I am learning to stop over doing it because I am harder on myself than anyone else is.

get out fat pants tgiving almost here

My relationships with those I love and care for are good for those keeping track. The boy is my world and I love that pretty much everyone in my world gets to enjoy his existence with me.

Fashion is not my thing. If things come together well that is fabulous. I am sure that folks sometimes stare at my wild, crazy hair and whatever clean ensemble I grabbed up. Not that I don’t actually make an effort to look decent but I have no idea of designers or color shades. I sometimes wear the makeup and again, my wild, wild hair that I usually pull up because let’s just face it, much easier! Although it keeps my head warm in the winter!

I have to work, of course, no matter if with a client or for myself it seems I have work to do. I am learning how to go easier on myself and not push too far.


2 wake ups and it’s Thanksgiving.

The next day we go crazy and fight others for material items after a day of thanks.

Not me! I am going to take the boy somewhere fun and will be doing no shopping!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!!!

Keep hope alive!





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