Maotically, Murphy filled Mondays


I swear the maotically weird day started because the man walking his dog hexed me. He put his bad juju on me because he thought I was interrupting his morning walk. Honestly I was just trying to leave my neighborhood and make it to work on time. I was patiently waiting for him to, illegally, cross the street with his cute dog who wasn’t on a leash. I would never hit an animal! Or anything else if I can help it especially before 8:00 AM, I mean the coffee is barely got me conscious!

I was a few minutes behind but the traffic was light I was going to make it! My GPS was on and I didn’t have school drop off so my route would be shorter.

Then Murphy steps in. “Keep going for the next 4 miles” says my GPS man Simon. Yo Simon, the road is Closed! Why wasn’t that in there! Doesn’t the wolfen update the maps nightly or something?!

keep calm murphys law

Since I once drove that route for over 10 years I figured it would be no problem… right! I forgot how many red lights there were. Then I got on the open road and well opened up, praying all the while to not be late, to get there safe and without a good driving award for my speed skills.

I made it to work only 5 minutes late and still shaking a bit over the drive there which got a bit hairy towards the end. But I made it!

I worked my 10-hour shift and enjoyed my client’s company. We watched Alabama slaughter that other team and then it was time for me to go.

I had my bags and cooler ready. I just couldn’t find my keys.

It seems when I ran out earlier to grab one of my notebooks, I put the key on the seat, locked the door and went back inside. Sometimes I wonder what my brain is actually processing, like why I put the key on the seat in the first place and not in my pocket?! I do not need to work shifts this long with not a lot of sleep and having had back procedures two days prior. But I needed the funds!

I learned that if the window is cracked and I use a coat hanger, I can open my door. I was impressed with myself but a little freaked at how easy it was. Note to self, don’t leave windows cracked unless you know no one else can get in!

Finally I was headed home! After a call to mom, my man and then getting fuel for the Jeep because it was cheaper on that side of town, I began my drive back home in the dark with the GPS leading the way. I thought, somehow, that it would remember the way I went that morning and the road closures. No such luck. Did I mention it was dark?! I have a bit of night blindness and my contacts felt glued to my eyeballs. I knew Murphy was having fun with me again. Of course the signs aren’t on the road I was on for the detour and I ended up going around in circles praying I would find my way!

I finally recognized a road that I knew led to home and called my boyfriend, who since I was running so late, was meeting me at a local restaurant. I asked him to please order me a strong drink. He already had! I don’t drink much or often but sometimes I need something a bit harder than sweet tea to get me through!

I finally made it home and got a little work done after a nice relaxing dinner.

Of course I was up the next day because you know, no rest for the wicked!

Tomorrow is another day. I still don’t get to sleep in like I want to! I may just hibernate this winter. I wonder if the boy and everyone would want to just get a nice, warm cave away from it all and hibernate? Not such a bad idea!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! It’s a short holiday week so you can make it.

Keep Hope Alive!

week weirder could it





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