New Years 2016

happy ny

All is quiet on New Year’s day…. because I am sleeping in and relaxing!

I realized about mid-year last year that once I “let it go” and kind of let things happen as they will, that my life seemed to get so much better. I can’t push for things and some things just take time to work themselves out.

I decided that for 2016 I am going to take things as they come and see what I can make happen.

out w old

I wrote earlier this week about how I don’t do new year’s resolutions or challenges. It just doesn’t work for me. I was reading another amazing author’s work and she said that she would choose a word or phrase to use going through the year. I believe she is onto something here. That is something I can get behind! So my word for the year is Creativity! Yes, I am going to be more creative in every aspect of my life. This will definitely be more interesting that resolutions and challenges!

So for this first day of the new year, I will be chilling out doing whatever suits my fancy. I am going to take it easy, probably be on call but definitely am going to enjoy life in some form of creative fashion.

As always, I will Keep Hope Alive! For I will never give up my mantra of hope!

Cheers to a fabulous 2016!



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