A miss and a slip

Sometimes I miss a step.

Something important, something crucial.

Sometimes I don’t see it until it’s too late.

I have no one to blame but myself.

Blame it on life?

Life is constant it keeps going.

I’m the one who is supposed to be paying attention.

But I slip.

Sometimes it feels like I am falling off the rim of the Grand Canyon into infinity.

In missing a step, in my slipping, I miss life happening.

I miss visits, calls and texts.

I miss out on those moments I wish I had back.

I miss out on everything and nothing.

I am still living life but now it may be altered in some way.

Now it may be different for me.

All because I missed a step.

I slipped.


One thought on “A miss and a slip

  1. Everyone in this world misses a step, slips. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The last line of my favorite book….”….tomorrow is another day”. Any time you have a tomorrow, another day, nothing is impossible.


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