Those jolts of life

Every once in a while I get a jolt in life. I find it quite refreshing actually.

I love living life! The good, bad, loving, ugly, boring, crazy, maotic moments that make up my life, I love all of them.

I am enjoying seeing what each day brings.

Sometimes I am like a little kid in that I want to see what happens next right now! It is hard to be patient.

When I want something to happen, it’s so hard to not push for it to move faster! Even when I know I have no control over life I still wish I could will life into picking up the pace in a few areas… having to wait something out is so very hard. It is during some waiting periods that I seem to get a jolt!

One of those out of the blue type thunderbolts that somewhat shock me into a new perspective and place on my journey. I never know what it will be.

It has always proven to be some sort of adventure though once it happens.

For now I am just riding this latest jolt and seeing where it takes me.

I am definitely enjoying the currents of this one!

Keep hope alive!




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