To live my life without filters. I wonder how that would go? If I actually said every thought that crossed my mind, how many people would be offended/mad/happy/laugh? I wonder.

If every piece I wrote was put out on display for all to see, would some be offended? Would there be backlash? Would I get calls/texts/emails asking if I was “OK”? I know I would get, “Who are you talking about?” I know some people would think it was them… they may be right and they may be wrong. I take my experiences and wrap them together. They could span days or years and be a culmination of my feelings as a whole, not for a particular circumstance. Or I could be taking the  experience shared by another and writing about it.

I am working very hard to tear down the walls of my filter. I have the problem of when I speak letting my thoughts just roll straight out of my mouth, however I find myself censoring my writing. I’m strange that way. Somehow I need to find that balance.

I need to not worry so much when I write that someone may be offended or concerned. I need to worry more when I speak than when I write.

I need to stop this censorship of self. I need to let go of the filters. I need to be me.


3 thoughts on “Filter-less

  1. Oh, I understand the double-edged sword. I know a woman sans a filter and she offends whenever she opens her mouth. And yet, if we can say our truth in an inoffensive way and people are offended, I don’t think that’s on us.

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    1. I completely agree… some people have zero filter and no respect for others – to me that’s a bad combination! If I say my truth in the least offensive way possible, I can’t help it if someone takes it wrong or out of context. Some things you just can’t fix!


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