Monday memories and the national championship game… Roll Tide

hppy monday

Welcome to a fabulous Monday!

I made it through a fabulous weekend and I got to visit with my family/friends over in Georgia and road trip with the boy. We used to road trip all the time but it seems as he gets older I haven’t done as many trips and we have really missed it. The shorter trips are much easier than the 4 plus hour trips and quite entertaining.

I was also on call for work, which of course I got more calls than expected so things were a bit off, but part of the joy of road tripping and visiting with this part of our “family” as there isn’t any schedule.

If I had to take a call, someone else was instantly mouthing, “I will watch the boy” so I could safely walk away and take care of work. It was refreshing as I never knew what I would walk back into!


Of course the boy can charm them all, and he thinks he knows all the tricks, but he is our “later in life” kid in the group so everyone treats them like their own but has a bit more patience and tends to indulge him. You want to eat that candy or those chips? Here ya go. You want to watch alien videos until your eyes bleed? Here’s an iPad enjoy dude. Bedtime? Nothing close to our normal “schedule.” Sometimes you really just have to let it go and have fun. Being loved on and licked by puppies is not too bad at all and watching the boy and the dogs play was just funny!


He had the time of his life and can’t wait to go back. It isn’t just the presents either! HA though the tiny toys and the at least 3-people-can-fit-inside space module cardboard  was a hit, he loved just being around people like his mama who he can pretty much say anything he is thinking and won’t get “in trouble” if it’s out of line. He will be told how to properly say things and context but not scolded unless he has a full on fit as he’s too big for that madness now. When he did have a “moment’ he quickly changed his attitude as he loves being around everyone so much and playing with all the dogs, being alien/zombie hunters and musicians.

But today it’s back to work for me and school for him.

nat champs 2016

Then tonight, it is game on. Yes, I am one of “those” people. I love football and my college team, the Alabama Crimson Tide is playing the Clemson Tigers tonight for the National Championships! I am a wee bit excited!

bama meaning collage

I am of the ilk as the one who plays the best will win. I don’t get into all of the predictions and that madness. I do have a few items of clothing I wear and little “keep hope alive! We’re gonna win” mantras I do and say but I try not to be too out there! Any more than I already am out there!

Think happy, creative thoughts and Keep Hope Alive!

And if you feel like it, send a few good vibes and Roll Tides our way! You can never have too much hope nor too many good thoughts!



Beautiful Sunday, time for sharing and SEC Champs

Oh what a beautiful mornin’, oh what a beautiful day. I got a beautiful feelin’, everything’s going my way.

How I wish that was true! Sadly, I haven’t cloned myself yet nor received new body parts, but I woke up breathing and still free to as my good friend says, it’s a great day to be alive!

The other day I wrote about my love, and lack, of sleep. I am hoping to get some rest today, however, I will also be running around getting things done.

let her sleep she move mtns

I did have a fantastic day yesterday though. I set my alarm to get up and we went and volunteered for a local Christmas charity for kids. I was in “Santa’s shop” in the back helping the kids “shop” for their parents. Once they picked a gift I sent them on to the next station where their gifts were wrapped up and they went back out to the party. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to see those kids so happy to be able to get things for their mom and/or dad. Some of them were so funny and so serious. I made sure to ask, “Who are we shopping for?” because not all of them have both parents or even a parent. Being part of such a fabulous group of volunteers and being able to help so many is, to me, a huge joy and blessing!

sharing christmas

After the party, we went to a friend’s house and watched the SEC Championship game and in case you weren’t aware the Alabama Crimson Tide rocked it out and Won! Roll Tide Roll! The food was fabulous and the company was pretty good too! I found another female who was nuttier than I was about cheering, and after a few adult beverages, we were hollering and screaming and jumping up and down. My throat is sore but man did we have fun!

au al football

So today as I run my errands to pick up for a few more kids, I love playing Santa’s elf, and do all of the things that need to be done, I say a prayer of thanks. I am so thankful for my friends, family, loved ones and also be able to help others along the way.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Keep Hope Alive!

Fabulous, challenged & sleep deprived but that’s life! Totally rockin’ it oh yeah!

challenges life interesting

Sometimes just trying to get onto the dang computer can be a challenge.

I mean really, I don’t download stuff. Well a few photos but nothing else. No games, no thank you. They spread germs and viruses and such. Don’t nobody got time for that! Yet it gets a cold and its 20 minutes for me to just get into my basics. I got someone on it tomorrow because fabulous gracelessness can’t handle this and the rest of the maos in life at the moment.

sell crazy elsewhere

I’m out here trying to make life work and go with the flow and the flow sometimes gets me… the current becomes more like a rip tide! The waters may be a little choppy at time but for the most part, I can deal with those swells. Other times the rip tides turn into hurricanes and away life goes in a totally different direction than what I was “thinking” it would go, even including those crazy variables.

This week has been like that and it seems to keep going with some wacked out zingers thrown in for the “extra enhanced” fun life experience!

calm storm

Last week at this time I was with my family at the beach. We went to the zoo, I got pooped on by a lemur, I ate too much, we went on the sand (the Gulf waters were a bit cool so we chose to not go past knee deep & I only did ankle deep*sorry I digress on bouts of relaxation sigh…), watched football and drove a lot. It was fabulous! It was pretty stress free and was filled with family, fun and love and a good deal more relaxation and sleep.

Sleep, oh blessed sleep, how I miss you!

i heart sleep

I have now rejoined the land of the day workers and though I love it I am still getting re-acclimated. Sleep is one of those things I am lacking!

Of course it is also the giving season and it seems like it’s amped up on one of those energy drinks times ten so “days off” aren’t truly off. And by “off” I mean no alarm of any kind and sleep and vegetation in the PJ’s with random wanderings to the kitchen to forage for food… but that’s me. I volunteer and I love it but did I mention I started a new job and I need sleep?! I guess I will sleep when I am dead or probably sleep through another alarm clock and be late but hey, I will be there!

sleeping is my drug

I will get to sleep in a little later, keep hope alive, but have tasks/challenges/responsibilities I must keep. However, I will go about them with a good amount of joy and of course I must reserve a bit of sarcasm and a pocket of get ‘er done mah way, and life will move along. The beauty of all of it is life keeps moving along. No matter what. Sometimes I wish it would move faster and other times I need it to slow the hell down. This crazy mama needs a break before the body just says ‘Nope”. And it will. So I will take it easy but be fabulous and always graceless while doing it!

With that lack-of-sleep ramble and maybe some hidden wisdom (psst! Sleep rocks and our bodies need that and a bit of rest to function!), I will make it through the day!

After all, it’s a fabulous Saturday here in Alabama!

For my football fans Roll Tide baby!

ua for au 2

And War Eagle too!


Keep hope alive!

Fabulous Saturday – Relax Y’all!

Greeting and I hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday!

Some may still be celebrating with friends and family. I hope everyone got to eat well and spend this holiday with those you love and enjoy.

It seems mine was a bit of a blur but still wonderful! Cooking, cleaning, little sleep, driving, family, more driving, more family – full of maos but like I would have it any other way!

We did no shopping in my group. In fact, we slept in and ate breakfast then got ready and went to the local zoo.


I love the one where we are but at the local smaller zoo, we have more options and interactions. The boy and I got to play with the baby kangaroos. They are so cute and sweet. One even rolled over on his back to have his belly rubbed. We came two years ago and the boy was having none of the kangaroos but this year he relaxed a bit and enjoyed petting them. He was a bit taken aback when we were playing with one and another one came up and started chewing on my shirt.


We also got to go into the Lemur exhibit and play with the babies… let me note here they are 6 and 7 months old, kind of like toddlers! The enclosure was somewhat open and they were flying around everywhere. They were like kids with long arms and fluffy bodies! The boy and I were in there quite a while. I even got pooped on but wasn’t leaving (their “babysitter” kindly handed me a paper towel to clean my shirt) as the boy was just fascinated. I mean how often do you get to hang out with “wild” animals and play with them like you would puppies? I am sure we were in there for at least 30 minutes. Once we were out, I turned over the boy to the family and dashed off to the restroom to clean the poo off of my shirt!


After several hours of visiting with the animals, feeding, constant hand cleansing and running around, we decided it was time for dinner. No one was really in the mood for turkey or ham so we went the full on sea food route!

Sometimes you just need a day or two to relax and enjoy life.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or make complex plans that involve diagrams to get through it. You just have to be able to relax your mind and body and go with the flow.


I will save my Ironbowl post for tomorrow…. In case you don’t understand that it is the Alabama Vs. Auburn football game in Alabama always played after Thanksgiving. Yes, it’s a big deal! At print time the game hasn’t happened and I don’t want to jinx it! I will say, doesn’t matter what happens, ROLL TIDE BABY! I have hope!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy life!

Keep Hope Alive!


Happy Football Saturday!

Happy football Saturday!


Here in sweet home Alabama it is a Big football day for the Crimson Tide!

We play LSU and I have to say to my LSU friends, I love you but we need to understand it’s a game and I will be hollering Roll Tide no matter what the outcome of the game is all day and night. It is the way it is.

al vs lsu

Maybe because when I was younger I went to an Alabama vs LSU game with my sister, her dad and brother. Alabama was losing badly and when we scored 3 points I jumped up screaming and hollering, happy my team had scored at all, when this absolutely ass of a fan next to me screamed for me to sit down and shut up. Shocked I sat down but still clapped, looking sideways to my left at this jerk of a human. It was a football game. I was used to the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn. I enjoyed it and whomever won I’ve always enjoyed the games. I know that we were playing poorly but come on, I wasn’t up in his face like he was mine taunting me about how crappy my team was. (Actually it was pretty raunchy and I was about 14 so it was kind of shocking to me but I played it cool.) It seems I wasn’t the only one watching him. Both LSU and Bama fans were watching as were my sister’s father, brother and security.

When we scored again getting us a tiny bit closer to their lead I lept up screaming with glee! That’s when the shit got real. Mr. LSU Jerk of the Year jumped up and grabbed my arm and screamed, “I told you to sit down and shut up!” He also included a few more adjective I won’t subject y’all to but you get the drift. The next thing I knew I felt my body being lifted and pulled to the right, saw people approaching from all sides, and then saw him lift his arm to hit someone, but he quickly went down! He was escorted from the game by officers. I was a bit shaken up but continued to scream for my team even though we lost that game.

The ride home was surreal. It seems Big J, sister’s “dad” and Little J, her brother, had moved her and got to me in seconds and were going for the jerk. Apparently, unbeknownst to them, security and several fans, of both sides, were waiting for him to blow and jumped into action when he grabbed me and started screaming at me. I will forever be grateful to all of those folks who jumped to my rescue.

I continue to look sideways at crazy football fans after that experience. Being from the south, I understand how important football is. How being loyal and believing in a team can feel. You share your wins and losses and always remain true. Well most people! I understand the rivalry and the thrill of it. The good natured teasing and hopefully claiming the champion title. I GET IT! I do.

al lsu crazy fans

But sometimes folks take it way too far. They get mean. They really hate people for their love for another team and their loyalty saying they can’t understand why they love that team so much when theirs is so much better. I have to wonder if they don’t look at themselves for that answer and reverse the question! Then sometimes that take it way to far, like grabbing a kid because they don’t want the other team to score at all even though their team is beating the crap out of them. They don’t want Anyone on that team to have any happiness and joy so they try their damnedest to control it.

Guess what? It never works out well.

I did learn there are some great LSU fans out there. Quality folks who I have met, befriended and enjoy the usual rival during football time. No matter who wins, we always have our friendship.

I guess I am trying to say no matter who your team is and who you are playing or don’t like, remember there are real people on both sides that care not only about the game, but other people as well. So when you say you hate *insert team* you are saying that you hate everyone that stands with them. Then you are ostracizing an entire group of people over a football game. You could be missing out on potential friends, spouse or employers. Now due to your hate you could possible damage happiness in your own life. Not such a good idea and definitely not healthy!

So everyone let’s try to remember we are all human and this is a game.

smartest man roll tide

That being said ROLL TIDE BABY! Let’s bring it one! No matter what let’s have Fun!

heart and soul roll tide

Always Keep Hope Alive!



Have a Fabulously, Fantastic Saturday – Keep Hope Alive!

“Cause Saturday night’s the night I like

Saturday night’s alright, alright, alright” – Elton John, “Saturday Night’s Alright”

sat sparkle happy

I love Saturday’s and I love Elton John! So I am sharing my maotic mind on this fabulous Saturday and oftentimes I think of Sir Elton John songs randomly and feel the need to share the soundtrack of my mind! You’re welcome!

There are so many things on my mind, heart and soul. I cannot express them all here today so I figured I would just go with whatever flows forth from my fingers. After all I have a deadline to meet and technology and I are once again at odds! Story of my life!

For the first time in ages I seriously wanted to toss my smarter-than-me-phone off the porch as I was apparently breaking the damn internet trying to read articles on – seriously! It wasn’t even on the Facebook as I have had my phone just go back to my home screen when clicking on a video or article on the app. Recently, it did this while I was reading an article on the cellphone interweb. It reminds me of a gentler black screen of death that comes up on my computer. It scares me a little when my phone does it. Because I will tell you, I have a love/hate relationship with my smarter-than-me-phone and I rely on it far more than I want to. I become too plugged in and then reliant “in a pinch” if the computer isn’t working for whatever jacked up random reason it is this month! I swear if my man wasn’t such a genius at fixing my broken things, I would have lost my mind already with the computers crapping out on me and deadlines daily! To his credit he has handled my meltdowns quite well and the boy is convinced he can fix anything! I am just thankful he tolerates me as me, even encourages *gasps* me to be myself, not who I think I need to be for anyone else. Even when I am bitchy or irrational he tolerates me. That is a lot to handle I tell you. And the fact he doesn’t even flinch when I hand over my electronic device, usually a computer, and say “Please again” because I just can’t deal with it. Again. And fixes it. I am certain he does some kind of voodoo magic on it for it to work again for me.

I swear I have too much electromagnetics or some form of alien life form in my body! I cannot wear a watch, electronics fail after a period of time around me and not from abuse that I cause or viruses I “accidentally downloaded” (I learned how to avoid that a while ago but sometimes it happens). Now the smarter-than-me-phone is acting all jacked up.

Of course my mind fills up with topics to write while I can’t get onto a computer and just start writing drafts. And my hands have started this lovely cramping thing when I write, like old school write, with my hands. So I start to go a bit stir crazy in my head until I remember I can write down portions in my notebooks and get it out so I don’t completely loose it!

pen to paper image

Oh yes, yes my fabulous friends, Fabulously Gracelessness, a.k.a. Lady Maos is one stop shy of bat-shit crazy! I am amazed I can manage to keep it together enough to get this blog out daily! Between actually raising a child, working, writing, loved ones, having a life, chronic pain and issues, I am pretty damn proud of myself for hitting my mark and sharing my thoughts, ideas and hopes with the world daily. If I can do it on this small scale, you can do anything you want to do if you hope and believe in yourself. Because my motto is Keep Hope Alive. And I promise you, that daily mantra truly works. It gets me through more than I ever expected it to. I am pushing myself farther than I ever had in my writing and am starting to see some positive results. They are small and to some probably it wouldn’t matter but it gives me HOPE and therefore KEEPING HOPE ALIVE actually Works! Setting aside time for your dreams isn’t always easy, but then life is not always easy either. Besides I love a challenge! I have so many topics I am bound to hit the mother load of getting a big break. I believe in myself!

keepp hope alive keeps u alive

So bring on this Saturday, this Football game day and middle of the weekend!

Roll tide AL football

I hope you all have a fabulously fantastic Saturday and Keep Hope Alive!


It’s a Fabulous Fall Saturday!

Fall is definitely in the air! The temperature and landscape has changed so much in just a week. You notice how everyone is feeling the change. Some are already complaining about it being “cold”! After the scorcher of a summer we had I wonder how could they even say that! It isn’t even cold in Alabama, even in the northern regions. Cold is below 40 in my mind and although it is getting cooler at night, it isn’t really cold. Just much cooler than it was a mere 2 weeks ago!

I love the options of things to do for the fall too! We do as much as possible outside, festivals, parks, zoo, the yard and the neighborhood but if it’s rainy or actually too cold, we find indoor activities like the movies, the science center, skate center or crafts, games and movies at home.

alabama football how i roll

Of course from September through the end of November we have college, more importantly Alabama football & I am a big Steelers fan so I try to catch those games if possible.


This month is Halloween! It’s one of mine and the boy’s favorite holiday! I tend to get a bit excited. Maybe sometimes a bit extreme. We put out decorations and get at least one pumpkin early. Ok maybe one big a few smaller ones! We carve the big one and draw and decorate the smaller ones.

multi halloween pumpkins color

Dressing up is not an option for us, we have been planning for months! Actually I purchased his costume last year… I may be on the Halloween Express preferred customer mailing list! We have several costumes. Yes both the boy and myself! Last year we were the Power Rangers! Hand to God I NEVER want to wear that much pink again! And the boots looked fabulous, I even got a larger size knowing they would not be high quality, but they killed my feet and I was waddling for a few blocks before I decided the pink power ranger did not need cute white go-go boots but black cowboy boots! Red Ranger approved the wardrobe change and we were back out with his cousin, the mouse in a trap, headed for more sugar that no one but the adults would really eat!

power rangers

So yes, you could say I love the month of October and to me, the real beginning of another fabulous fall!

One of the other things that I now am getting back into during the fall months is Alzheimer’s walks. For 8 years the walks to end Alzheimer’s, previously known as Memory Walk and now “The Walk to End Alzheimer’s”, in Georgia was my life from the end of September through the first of November. I am once again walking, working and volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association of Central Alabama. It’s a cause very near and dear to my heart as my grandfather had the disease and my aunt and 3 great grandparents had the disease. I posted about my feelings and the walk here and here.  So a week from today I will be in downtown Birmingham at the crack of dawn for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Anyone interested come on down! Volunteer, walk or just take in the Hope of the event!

alz walk

As far as today, weather permitting, we are headed out to a few festivals and to visit with those we love and enjoy their company.

I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday! If you’re into football I hope your team wins… as long as it isn’t against one of my teams! Roll Tide! Goooo Steelers!!

And always Keep Hope Alive!





Fabulous Friday readying for weekend fun

b chaos

Its Friday my fabulously graceless friends!

No matter what happens I am keeping hope alive today, because for me and mine it’s the day the boys “aunties” come from TN & GA, the birthday party weekend where we get to see friends and family, make new friends and have fun.

We have been celebrating all week more or less.

It has not been a constant barrage of gifts because this crazy mama isn’t made of money, and even if I was I wouldn’t give the boy gifts all the time as he gets plenty of “surprises” in the off season when it isn’t a birthday or holiday. He realizes excess now and will go, “Oh yeah, I forgot I have all those toys, I am going to play with my Ninja Turtles” or whatever it is he wants to play with. I encourage him to be creative and not watch as much TV, it’s pretty much a split on who wins that one depending on time frames and other random things but I know he has a wickedly funny imagination. He “pretends” a lot. A costume that is one thing can often become something else in his fascinating mind. He got a TMNT costume for his birthday, it a little big, but I have a feeling things are going to get a bit more ninja like for a while around the house.

Did I mention his “aunties” are coming?! This is one of those things I’m excited about because they are my “sisters” and when they boy was born, have been there every step of the way for both of us. Tonight the boy will get to enjoy his mommy and aunties laughing hysterically and having fun. Saturday will be the night we get to stay up late since his party is in the morning. What was I thinking again? Oh yeah get it done and hang out with friends and of course, football! Roll Tide! 

So I am keeping this post short and sweet as this crazy mama needs here energy!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous Friday and an absolutely splendid weekend!

b ninja



The first Sunday after college football

Ahh the first Sunday after college football in Alabama! Both Alabama and Auburn kicked booty and of course it was a late night with friends and family.

Earlier this week my lovely boy, who learned “Roll Tide” before he could say complete sentences and was dressed all in Alabama attire when brought home from the hospital, yelled “War Eagle” while dressed in an Alabama t-shirt on the way to school. I whipped my head around and said, “What did you say?” Smiling he replied, “Warrrr Eagle Mommy!” I quickly found out he had learned it from his teacher at school. He was a bit concerned I would be mad. Apparently he is already caught onto the fact that the two teams are rivals and was wondering if he was “in trouble with me” for saying it. So was his teacher! I assured them both that although I was a Bama fan through and through, I was not a rabid fan and cheered for the other team as long as they weren’t playing each other.

I realized how fine a line it is. I have always known that people argue, fight and even divorce over the college rivalry here. It blows my mind.

To be born in Alabama means you are basically assigned a team at birth. Usually the team your parents are for.

Growing up I always cheered for Alabama because that’s who my daddy loved. My mom became a Bama fan after marriage, as several of her family members went to Auburn. Later my younger brother graduated from Alabama so her ties were strong by then. My boy has both and aunt and uncle who attended UA so it was a natural choice to dress him in crimson and white and teach him “Roll Tide” and “Go Bama” along with the fight song.

I have recently realized that may be a mistake. This does not mean I will stop buying him Bama gear and suit him up for Auburn per se.

While having the conversation the other day in the car I made a comment that “I don’t do orange it doesn’t look good on me.” He said, “Well I look good in red, white, blue and orange Mommy.” And he’s right.

As parents we tend to lead our children to what we like best. Not that it is a bad thing, but we don’t really stop to think of the implications it has on them.

Yes, I am moving a bit deeper than just football so bear with me.

The boy is like me in so many ways it scares the crap out of me. But he is Not me. Nor is he his father. He is his own being who is coming more and more into who he is as a person. Not just a mini-me. He certainly has learned many traits, most good a few probably not as good, from me and his dad, but he also has his own opinions about things.

Yesterday my mom took the boy and I to the local science center for the day. His birthday is coming up and she wanted to have a bit of time with just the three of us.

We had a blast exploring, learning and playing for hours. When we were leaving we had to pay to get out of the parking deck. Mom and I were frustrated because we couldn’t get the machine to take our money to get out and were a bit snappish with each other, but truly nothing ugly or rude. He pipes up from the backseat, “Hey all that jealousy and anger isn’t nice, and you both need to be good to each other.” Did I mention he’s almost 5? He hasn’t quite got all the basics down of emotions and what means what, but we got the idea. After talking to him and explaining what jealousy meant and how we both were just frustrated that we couldn’t get out of the parking garage, the pay to get out box wasn’t working so we had to move, he said, “Well y’all just need to talk nicer to each other then. People will think you’re mad at each other.” It’s a bit scary when the kid is smarter than the adults.

I’ve come to realize I have to let my boy make his own choices in life. I may not always like them, like letting his thick hair grow out because he wants to or doing things I do a certain way differently, but they are his ways. As long as it isn’t harmful to him or others I want to let him grown into who he want to be. Not someone I think he should be.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!