Monday memories and the national championship game… Roll Tide

hppy monday

Welcome to a fabulous Monday!

I made it through a fabulous weekend and I got to visit with my family/friends over in Georgia and road trip with the boy. We used to road trip all the time but it seems as he gets older I haven’t done as many trips and we have really missed it. The shorter trips are much easier than the 4 plus hour trips and quite entertaining.

I was also on call for work, which of course I got more calls than expected so things were a bit off, but part of the joy of road tripping and visiting with this part of our “family” as there isn’t any schedule.

If I had to take a call, someone else was instantly mouthing, “I will watch the boy” so I could safely walk away and take care of work. It was refreshing as I never knew what I would walk back into!


Of course the boy can charm them all, and he thinks he knows all the tricks, but he is our “later in life” kid in the group so everyone treats them like their own but has a bit more patience and tends to indulge him. You want to eat that candy or those chips? Here ya go. You want to watch alien videos until your eyes bleed? Here’s an iPad enjoy dude. Bedtime? Nothing close to our normal “schedule.” Sometimes you really just have to let it go and have fun. Being loved on and licked by puppies is not too bad at all and watching the boy and the dogs play was just funny!


He had the time of his life and can’t wait to go back. It isn’t just the presents either! HA though the tiny toys and the at least 3-people-can-fit-inside space module cardboard  was a hit, he loved just being around people like his mama who he can pretty much say anything he is thinking and won’t get “in trouble” if it’s out of line. He will be told how to properly say things and context but not scolded unless he has a full on fit as he’s too big for that madness now. When he did have a “moment’ he quickly changed his attitude as he loves being around everyone so much and playing with all the dogs, being alien/zombie hunters and musicians.

But today it’s back to work for me and school for him.

nat champs 2016

Then tonight, it is game on. Yes, I am one of “those” people. I love football and my college team, the Alabama Crimson Tide is playing the Clemson Tigers tonight for the National Championships! I am a wee bit excited!

bama meaning collage

I am of the ilk as the one who plays the best will win. I don’t get into all of the predictions and that madness. I do have a few items of clothing I wear and little “keep hope alive! We’re gonna win” mantras I do and say but I try not to be too out there! Any more than I already am out there!

Think happy, creative thoughts and Keep Hope Alive!

And if you feel like it, send a few good vibes and Roll Tides our way! You can never have too much hope nor too many good thoughts!




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