Wednesday Rambling

Whooowhoooo! It’s Hump Day! Wednesday, the middle of the week, half way to the weekend!

I am trying to keep the glass half full today but I admit sometimes it’s hard. Just when you think you have things going in the right direction and there it is… a speed bump along your ride of life. At least I hope it’s just a speed bump and not a brick wall.

This year has been anything but “normal”. OK, OK I admit I really don’t have any idea of what “normal” should be. I do best working with the situation and what life throws at me. I Keep Hope Alive and work to find the best resolution to the situation no matter what that may be.

Come to think of it, the last few years have been a pretty humbling and wild ride. Now that I really roll those thoughts around in my mind I realize that my entire adult life has been that way.

I’ve always been a gypsy, an “old soul”. I’ve always moved through this world knowing the lives I touch and have been touched by matter in some intricate way I may not be privy to understand at a certain point or maybe even not at all in this life.

I am the first to admit I have made mistakes, I am human. I try to do the right thing. I do my best to live by The Golden Rule “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself (positive or directive form) & One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated (negative or prohibitive form).”

I bond with folks in strange ways. Sometimes if or when it ends, it’s mutual and though painful, it’s the right thing and both of us know it. Other times when it ends, even if it is the right thing, it isn’t pretty.

I look at things in terms of how well I handled a situation. I will asks friends, doctors and even strangers about their opinion on things, good and bad, and ask for critique in how I handle situations from dealing with the stranger telling me their life story in Walmart to how I handled dealing with a sensitive situation.

And I write about my feelings. That can tend to land me in hot water if things are misunderstood. Often when I write on a topic I pull from my life as well as those of others I know and have known. So many times I can’t even keep track, I am merging the experiences and feelings of many into the tone of one.

My mind works even in mysterious ways to me. I surely don’t expect it to be easy for anyone, even those closest to me will sometimes ask what or who I am referring to. It’s hard to explain something I can’t articulate very well. Writing is, for me, a release. This blog has soothed my soul in ways I never imagined. Making myself accountable for writing daily has turned on lights in rooms that have been without power for too long. It is a blessing and a curse!

I am overwhelmed that people actually read, like and send me messages about my posts. Straight up I whooped out loud the other night when I saw I had someone from Iceland who “liked” my blog as well as a few folks in Canada! Who knows what kind of people they are but they liked something I wrote! Hello people I live in Alabama in the good old USA! I get excited with every like and haven been known to break out into dance or a song when I see I have a new follower!

I see myself in a different light, I can only wonder and imagine how others see me. Especially those who don’t know me. Things like “crazy lady on the internet, decent writer at times, pure crap on others, rambles a bit, sometimes says somethings that are real, maybe a bit of TMI, passionate about her kid, her family, friends and a couple of causes”. Of course “needs psychiatric help” may also be floating around on those opinions. For the record I’ve been deemed legally “mentally stable” which amuses the hell out of me!

But on a more “serious” note, I am thankful and grateful for finding this outlet. I am proud of myself for writing daily, no matter what.

I am thankful anyone reads my ramblings, much less follows what I have to say!

See, keeping hope alive does work!

So get through this fabulous hump day with a little bit of faith, hope and fairy dust!

Keep Hope Alive!




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