No call, no show… can we please grow up!

I work to take care of others. Myself and those in my chosen field, caregivers, are vastly underpaid and often time unappreciated. It isn’t easy work and not everyone can do it. I know there are plenty of jobs I can’t do and have no problem admitting it.

Recently I worked out in the field for 2 days caring for a lovely couple. She has advanced Alzheimer’s and he has mild dementia. He would tell you “it’s no big deal, we can handle it” but that isn’t the case. They have been clients with my company for nearly a year. Last week their main caregiver walked off the job because she was frustrated with the fact they “get confused.” It isn’t the first time she had “issues” with them but I can guarantee it is her last job with us! Then we thought we found the ideal candidate. She was eager, ready to work and compassionate. She passed her background check and came in for all of her new hire paperwork. She didn’t show up or call us to let us know she wasn’t showing up.

I just don’t get it. I have seen more people the last three weeks claiming they need to work and want to work. I set an appointment for an interview and then the day of, nothing. No call. No show. Nada. 90% I have had lengthy conversations with on the phone prior to calling them in for an interview as to try and screen if they are serious about working.

Either my radar is off or people these days do not do as they say they will do. It is sad.

I remember when I was 18 and took a job at a fast food restaurant. I worked all of a day and a half and realized I was not cut out for what they had me doing. I was honest. I went to the manager and told them I was sorry but please take me off the schedule because I knew I wouldn’t be happy doing the work and wouldn’t be productive. He thanked me for telling him. I didn’t understand then that a lot of people just don’t show. They don’t call. They just don’t feel it’s important enough to tell their employer they don’t want to work anymore. It is so rude and disrespectful.

People like this need to grow up, grow a pair or something! Who do you think that you are wasting someone’s time who is trying to employ you?! Have you never heard of karma? Come on people! Seriously!

The next time you set a interview or are scheduled and can’t make it, short of an emergency, please show the decency to call someone to let them know you can’t make it. Don’t just not show up. It is beyond rude.

In the meantime I will keep hope alive as always. There will always be someone better who wants to work and loves to care for others!


2 thoughts on “No call, no show… can we please grow up!

  1. My opinion on the topic of this post would actually be a lot longer and a lot less nicely stated lol, therefore I will simply applaud you for your words and say NO your radar is not off these days, it has become commonplace these days for people to take no responsibility for their actions, not keep their word and have no common courtesy for others time ( they waste their own, so they feel it is okay to waste other folks). Ugh. Sorry you are dealing with this issue. Trust me, I do personally know how frustrating ( understatement) it is, and I can imagine how more so it would be in your field as compared to mine. We’re talking about taking care of, being responsible for the well being of others, that in itself should mean something.


  2. p.s. It also makes me strive a lot harder to be the best I can be physically and mentally as you know my situation. Death I am not afraid of, it’s people like this and their lack of apathy or even common courtesy that frightens me, Thank you very much for what you do every single day to do your best to ensure people that need care get the best possible care they deserve.


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