Life can always be crazier so just smell someone’s eyeball

Lesson 1: Never question how much crazier can life get. 98% of the time, in my world, it gets that much crazier.

This is a basic rule of life that I know. I know not to ask, “What next?” or “How much more?” because there will always be something next and definitely more or whatever maos is happening in my land. Life doesn’t stop. It changes, but it doesn’t stop.

Of course, in my world, there is Murphy as in Murphy’s Law. Murphy makes sure I keep it real or better yet I remember I have no choice to keep it real.

It seems lately I keep seeing a side of humanity I wish I could forget. The side that makes promises and maybe even says all of the right things but then doesn’t deliver on their promises. It is quite irritating.

I will think I have things in order and organized for the day to flow. Then Murphy or irritating human steps in and things go to the proverbial hell in a hand basket in the blink of an eye. While it would be so easy for me to get angry or even flip out on said person or situation, I have learned to go with the flow and even find the humor.

For example, I had several appointments yesterday and for the most part, everyone showed up. There were a few who called and had to cancel for various reasons. But I still had 4 that didn’t call or show up. This would be adults who are cognitive and allegedly intelligent. In fact, there was a pre-screen prior to the appointments made to cut back on the no call/no shows because it really chafes my booty. 2 of them were being hired, as in getting a job they said they “desperately needed.” Those two had already been through the interview process and background check. It was filling out the paperwork and then they could start working! It wasn’t as if they had been waiting months! And I had spoken to them both the previous day to confirm they would be there as there is more for me to do so that they can start working. I have enough to do without doing 30 extra minutes of work to set someone up who all but begged me to work.

About the point I was seriously about to start dropping the F bombs, I remembered 2 things. One is how my word of the year is Creative. I immediately thought of about 10 different ways to use the F bomb creatively!

Then I thought about the boy. I started laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing because I was thinking about him telling me to, “smell his eyeball”. He says my eyeballs smell like playdoh. Really, how can you lose you cool when you are laughing about your eyeballs smelling like playdoh?!

I had found a way to creatively defuse my anger by making myself recall a comical conversation that I had with my boy. I am sure I didn’t seem sane to my boss… I most likely dropped a few colorful phrases prior to my finding a way to calm me down. After the day I had I know he understood my frustrations. I am not so sure he sees me as sane after the laughing fit though!

I know it isn’t always that easy to calm yourself, but every time I felt myself getting angry, I used the “your eyeballs smell like playdoh” moment in my mind and I couldn’t help but smile.

So I guess I am saying always find the positive.

Always remember to keep hope alive!

And see if you can smell someone’s eyeball, I am curious if anyone else thinks they smell like playdoh!

Have a fabulous day!


One thought on “Life can always be crazier so just smell someone’s eyeball

  1. lmao. Your word of the year helped divert your focus and behavior towards the greater good!! Yay!! It feels great to be able to do that for yourself, yes?? It is for me when I practice it, and it keeps me out of Doo-D00 too!! And kids, how they can save us in some many ways 🙂 the great anchors and diverters of life. 😉

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