There is so much that inspires me.

People, places, situations, relations, observations.


Sometimes my creative mind seems to stop.

I can see bits and pieces of the movies in my mind but I can’t find a way to see the whole picture.

In my writings it comes out as shorts and fragmented pieces. It makes sense to me but I know it often doesn’t to others.

I feel more motivated lately.

I realized how much happier I am enjoying life than being a slave 24/7 to work and deadlines. I am beginning to find some sort of balance even with movable parts and constant change. I am learning a new normal that flows most of the time.

The people come from all corners of the world and my life. Some who know each other and some don’t. Some who I don’t know but feel like I do hearing their stories shared by those I love to me, knowing I may write but I would never reveal the who or why.

Life is inspiring.

Sometimes you just have to find a new perspective.

There will always be fragments, but there will always be sources of inspiration as well.

Keep Hope Alive.



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