It’s not there, it’s there, it’s gone, you miss it

Have you ever gone without something and suddenly it’s in your life and when you don’t have it around you miss it? It can be a device, a food, a place, a person, an animal or situation.

It doesn’t matter because I have noticed that if you go along in life and you discover something that touches something so deeply in you it is natural for you to want more.

It can be your fancy phone, peanut butter banana ice-cream, a friend or someone you love, a dog or suddenly taking care of someone you weren’t expecting to see but love doing it. It can be Anything but I can guarantee once you have it in your world, it becomes a part of you and when it is gone you miss it.

Maybe you didn’t do anything but suddenly the phone breaks.

They run out of that ice cream.

Your friend steals from you.

The love of your life has to move away from you.

Your dog decides to take up with the neighbors.

You care recipient gets well and no longer needs you there.

Then what? How do you react?

You can get a new phone.

You can live without that particular ice cream though it may be hard.

But your friend, your love, your dog and the one you care for… those are more personal. Those hurt more when they are gone.

Maybe your friend will be honest and come clean. You can re-build that relationship.

Maybe your love will get to stay or you get to go with them.

Maybe your dog will come home.

Maybe you realize you need to care for others and find a new calling.

There are so many maybes.

There is so much hope.

Life is sudden. It is slow, fast, violent, sweet, loving, obscene, painful, and bitter and so much more.

Life Is.

Make the most of it and enjoy those that you love while you have it.

You never know when the ride will end.

Keep Hope Alive!



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