Sitting in the dark

I love when I have plans and life changes them and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it!
I had gone about my day, actually being a bit more productive than planned, and went to karate with the boy as the storms rolled in.
We made it through karate and went home to a dark house. Yes the power was out. No big deal or so we thought. Several hours later my house is still dark and the storms blew over a while ago. Normally we don’t lose power but this is an anomaly and especially for this long. I am praying I can get my post completed before the computer dies and I can upload it via hotspot without using too much power as I have to get up early in the morning and need my alarm which is on my phone! I am going to plug my phone in and hope for the best with it charging during the night – keep hope alive!
The most entertaining part was the boy asking every few minutes, “can we turn the power back on so we can watch a movie?” No. No we can’t! We’ve been teaching him how a long time ago they didn’t have power at night and candlelight was the only light you had. Since he killed one flashlight already I think it may be sinking in that people actually survive living like this! Talking, reading and drawing by candlelight. Well we have allowed him another flashlight so he can draw but he was monitored!
Since I have a few challenges ahead I am cutting this one short.
I think I will enjoy the quite while it last.
Sometimes not being so plugged in has it advantages!
Have a fabulous day my friends!
Always keep hope alive!


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