Good, Bad and In-Between

I try so hard to write positive posts. I know that I often write some things that are not positive, but feelings and thoughts that I have and I know others have them too. Some of my feelings and thoughts are downright dark and not so pleasant.

I sat down in front of my computer with so many topics I have written down to write more on. However, today I got a disturbing phone call from my sister that has shaken me to my core. I had several conversations and experiences with others today that have definitely shaped the tone and feel of this one. So please bear with me.

Some people are truly good humans. They are fallible but for the overall, they are good.

Other people are just bad. They may try to be good. They will talk it, try to walk it but in the end they cannot pull it off. For whatever reason, they continue to choose the “dark side” of life and how they treat others.

Then the other group, the group I feel most are in, is a 50/50 combination of the two. Both good and bad with the consciousness of both.

I have issues with someone who consciously and repeatedly hurts others. Whether it begins intentionally or not, when you continue to harm others and lie about it, you are not a “good” person. I don’t know what drives these people to act this way. I have seen people from “good” families this way and others who learned it from the “family”. I have seen people from all socioeconomic classes, races and genders do this. It can’t be classified by “X”.

Equally I have seen people who are “good” who have no “reason to be” due to upbringing, life circumstance or what have you stay on the better path because it is who they are.

The combo group is the same. All walks of life, finances and backgrounds they are the ones who chose which way they want to go.

I know a man who is a father, son, husband, veteran, police officer and friend. He is truly a quality human being. He may get a bit loud, has tattoos, rides his hog and has a big truck, but is always the one to re-direct those wanting to fight, and to help keep the mood light when things turn a bit dark. Ahem. He has served this country and chose a career in law enforcement.

Recently he went riding his motorcycle with his friends while off duty. They stopped into a local bar to see some friends and had one beer. After a while, he left. In front of him was another vehicle and he could see the driver was having a hard time driving. He followed the vehicle to make sure the driver made it home. When the driver emerged, he saw it was a man and called out, “Hey man, are you ok?” He repeated himself several times and thought it was dark, he could hear the man wandering around making noises. Seconds later the man charged him from the dark. He began beating my friend in the face and head. He tried to gouge his eye out. Another man came out of the home and also began hitting him. He begged them to stop saying he only followed the guy home to make sure he was ok. He then made a fatal mistake. He said he was an off duty cop and he meant no harm. They men began searching for his weapon. They found it and fired into the air. One of the guys told him the next shot would kill him. He started fighting for his life. One guy swung the cycle helmet at my friend, he ducked, and the other guy was hit in the face. Enraged the man started going for his eyes again. He felt his nose break. He was able to get a finger in his mouth and bit down as hard as he could. His thoughts were, “well they will have my DNA on them if they kill me.”

He then passed out. When he came to, the police from that jurisdiction were there. They immediately had him do a field sobriety test. He passed and was asked to do more. He could not understand so he did and passed again after being beaten to the point of passing out. They asked if he had fired his weapon. He stated he did not, but one of the other guys did. My friend had a broken nose and cheek bone. His eye was so bad the doctors thought he may lose his sight. He had contusions, concussion and lacer actions all over his face and neck along with the breaks and bruising.


All news reports I have read gives his name, age, occupation, mentions he’s a vet and calls the other men “victims.”

When he passed out, the police arrived and “the victims” told them that he followed the one guy home, started screaming at him and attacked him. The other guy said when he came out to help he was hit in the face. One of them has a “horrible bite” from my friend who was “attacking him”. They said he fired his gun at them.

He is on paid leave while the “incident” is under investigation.

His statement was “lost” so it becomes the word of 2 men with “prior records” (DUI, assaults, thefts – you get the idea) against him. A 20 plus year law enforcement official and ex-military man who was the one who stopped the fights.

What in the hell is wrong with this world?

He can’t do the job he loves while he is under “investigation” and his name is being slandered while “bad” people are sucking up the press and playing the poor pitiful me police brutality card.

I know that when it gets into court and all evidence is in that he will be cleared.

But I feel such a pain in my heart for him while he waits this out. To think that some people feel he just changed and attacked unprovoked in and INSTANT and has never done this before or since makes me sick.

This is where I pray that those combo folks will choose the right side. Choose the good for his sake.

People who hurt other people because of who they are, what religion they are, whom they chose to lose or just because it’s all they know to do have some serious karma payback coming to them. They won’t be able to carry on this way for much longer because what you put out there will come back on you. I truly believe that.

I hope everyone can find it within themselves to choose the good. Please keep the darkness at bay.

This world needs more good now than ever.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Keep hope alive!



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