The day after a long weekend

Does it feel like Monday to anyone else?!

The running around, making sure all school supplies are actually in the care with you and make it into the school with the child. The looking for lost shoes, I know I put them all by the door last night but they are gone! The alarm mishap that allowed you an extra 30 minutes sleep has now given way to sheer panic to drop off kid and make it into work on time.

This is my kind of day!

The day after any long weekend or vacation to where you have to enter the real world once again always seems a bit daunting to me. I seem to think we need an extra day to recuperate from the long weekends. And not like I did before my boy was born! Those late night party sessions are a memory and my idea of a good time these days involves little movement and maybe a glass or four of an adult beverage. Well at least in my mind. The reality is more of an attempt to rest but I end up finding at least 7 projects in various stages of completion and since I have time I might as well try to finish 2. Sometimes I just leave the others and start a whole new project because nothing makes this OCD girl crazier than one more project on her plate to not finish!

Last night the boy got an early birthday present and I spent an hour oohing and ahhing over the new Marvel Hulk Smash remote toy. It’s loud, crazy and admittedly a very cool toy. The cat is not too fond of it but I am not fond of her running through the house sounding like a stampede of epic proportions so I figure it’s payback!

hulk smash

I also taught the boy what the flap in the front of his underwear was for, he now thinks that is a cool trick for pottying. Seriously.

My life is fascinating!

Now I sit writing my articles for my blog and ruminating on what needs to be done next.

I am sure I will remember what needs to be done while I am working or out and about today. It will be one of those “Aha, oh crap!” moments I am so familiar with.

But that’s all ok because we are making it through the week, now with Hulk on our side, and hoping everyone keeps their word on things to be done so we can pull this week off with minimal damage!

Welcome to my world!

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday and that we all make it through without the joys of jail or bad food!

Keep hope alive my friends!



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