Happy Labor Day!

happy labor day chic

Today is Labor Day and I truly hope that you all are getting to enjoy this national holiday.

In keeping with Labor Day, I am keeping this post short and sweet.

I plan to enjoy good food and good company.

I hope to not have to actually do too much labor on this day that acknowledges that everyone needs time off .

If you are stuck at work today I hope that you are at least getting some compensation and you have my thanks. So many still have to work no matter what the holiday. Soldiers, doctors, nurses, law enforcement and many others always give themselves no matter what the holiday and at great sacrifice to themselves and their families. To those keeping things running and thousands of others who can’t afford to take the day off, I thank you!

I hope that you all have a fabulous Labor Day 2015!

holiday brought by hard wk labor day

Keep Hope Alive for this Monday to be awesome and to have an amazing and productive week!

From the fabulously graceless Lady Mao


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