Sometimes I just don’t want to be an adult

i miss being a kid hair

I don’t feel like being an adult today. I wish someone could take over all of the responsibilities I have for just one day. Think about it. How it would feel to have no worries, be carefree, have everything taken care of and you don’t have to worry about a thing. I have no idea because I don’t think I could stop my mind or life from happening.

We go about our lives and sometimes we let our hair down and get crazy but we have to jump back on the adult train eventually. Sometimes it seems to take longer than others to get on board. Some people think they can “play adult” in certain areas and let others handle their responsibilities in others. Personally I can’t do that. My brain and soul won’t let me do it. I acknowledge each and every time someone else takes care of my business – be it with my finances, my child, my life – it does not matter I can’t “forget” someone else did something for me and when I can give back in whatever way is possible I will. I also thank them because I learned before I was an adult that when someone helps you that you should be grateful. Life isn’t yours to demand and take from others. Karma will slap you upside the head for that. Trust me!

Ahhh but to be carefree and child-like in life for a whole day and not worry… I think, I hope, I believe that that is possible.

carfree girl

The irony is it has to be planned, not spontaneous. I mean who else is going to make sure bills are paid, there is money in the bank for random “I want ice cream!” moments surely to come with being care free. A driver will be needed as will making sure the vehicle is working and ready for adventures if needed. I will need someone to cook, clean up (because honestly I can’t stand to see it out with all of my other fun stuff knowing it’s there waiting for me later). If I am really lucky there will be someone to make all those decisions for me and get me ready to go! Being a kid can be hard at time but you don’t realize how awesome it is until you’re an adult. You want to grow up. Once you grow up sometimes you want it back!

adult show your math

Can’t I be a kid for a day please? Just a 24 hour period where I can enjoy with no repercussions would be amazing!

But I can certainly dream.

And I always keep hope alive!

Have a fabulous day!


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