Keeping hope alive and struggling to get by on this Fabulous Wednesday

wish you a great wed

It seems like every day there is something new and challenging. Whether it’s the garage door breaking, a new client, another bill you had no idea it was going to happen or your favorite shoes breaking there is always a challenge.

Like everyone else I am just struggling to get by. However, my mantra of Keep Hope Alive really does help me get through even in the worst of moments. That and “this too shall pass”. I also think karma can be much too slow but I know better than to mettle in the fates of the universe! Can I get an amen?!

If you are reading this post, and I thank you if you are, then you are Alive and you made it to see another morning! WhoooWhoo!

You made it to Wednesday, the middle of the “work” week. Like the middle child, the middle of the work week sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. But like the middle child, Wednesday’s have a lot to offer. Hope that you are almost to the weekend. A night for special events, classes, sports or church. Sometimes you think that Wednesday will be predictable, for example, get up, take the child to school, go to work, run errands, get child, get dinner, go to karate, come home and do your nightly thing.

over the hump wed

Life is anything but predictable!

I am blessed to work with some amazing people. On Wednesday’s normally Miss Candy and I would run errands, but she has joined a pool and now we go swimming on Wednesday’s. She has Parkinson’s but it does not have her. She was thrilled I was willing to go with her as in the water, her disease does not show and she can move around like a “normal” person. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make a day, a week or a month all that much sweeter. We are still working on the logistics and how we feel after, but I love that it was tossed into my mix. Now I get to work and exercise, and I didn’t even cringe when I typed that word, all at the same time and I love it! It helps both of us. I do stretches while walking along side of her in the pool. I put her wheelchair to the side and for about 20 -30 minutes it is like she doesn’t have a disease that ties her to a chair like she does when she’s not in the pool.

Plus Wednesday’s are karate day for the boy and we love some karate. I was a bit hesitant at first as I wasn’t sure how it would work, his dad has him every other Wednesday, but it is fabulous! I go every week, with the exception being after 3 medical procedures, and am astounded in the changes in him. He is more focused and learning so well. Of course there are times when he stares at himself in the big mirror and forgets he is in class, but he is reminded and at once is back into the moment. Seriously there is a whole bunch of cuteness with a classroom full of 4-7 year olds doing karate, yelling “Yes Mam!”, “Yes Sir!” and “Ki-yah!” as loud as they can! Everyone is treated as equals and some are at different stages but they all work together. It is a beautiful thing to watch!

b karate

I hope that whatever you do, whatever happens that you get to enjoy something beautiful today. Whatever that may be for you.

moments smile wed

Always remember to Keep Hope Alive!

Stay Fabulous and Graceless My Friends!


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