Wake up and live…. it’s Monday!

Helloooooooo Monday!! It’s time to wake up and live!!!

wake up and live

I hope you are all having a stellar Monday today! The beginning of the week, the fresh slate or the maotic manic Monday, whatever it is I hope it is fabulous!

As I was working my way through my pint, of Haagen – Dazs that is, I realized how ironic it was that I sometimes dreaded Mondays. I love to sleep and depending on how much or how little sleep that I got the previous weekend, made all the difference on how my attitude was for Mondays. That isn’t fair to me or Mondays because I was already setting my brain for a potential crap day based on my sleep cycle. Anyone with a child knows this is a very bad idea! Even if you don’t have a child it is a bad idea because you are setting yourself up to mentally have a bad day.

be awesome on monday

Some days it is just so hard to get going. Mondays can be harder at times it seems. So this Monday I hope your week begins smoothly. I hope that you don’t get cut off in traffic, run late or have any myriad of things go awry!

Here’s to Keeping Hope Alive no matter what this day throws our way!

mn be good to me i good to you

I hope your week flows the way that’s needed and that you share your happiness with others. Or maybe you need the happiness and I hope that you can find that.




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