Against the wind


Watching the leaves be blown into a pile I see nature fight back.

The blower pushes forward, the wind pushes back.

The man operating the blower knows his job is to get the leaves off of the paths and into manageable piles. Nature fights against him blowing them in every direction. Scattering not only leaves but sticks and bits of grass along its route. No concern for the aesthetics, for nature in all of its forms, has beauty, even in the chaos.

wind blowing

The man fights. For a moment is seems he may win the battle. Then the wind changes direction, bringing with it gusts on all sides. Or so it seems. Leaves dance around everywhere: the man, the yard and the once cleared paths. Nature seems determined to lay the leaves in colorful patchwork on every surface.

The man is powerless to stop it, yet he forages on, valiantly blowing and cleaning sections he just did on order for it to appear he’s controlled and conquered Mother Nature.

It isn’t possible. In the fall with all of the trees that surround the property, there seems to be and endless supply of leaves. What you clear now will have another layer upon it within hours. By the following day, it can look as if it hasn’t been cleared in days.

leaf pile

Nature at its finest.

Covering the buildings and grounds as the season changes. Never caring about safety, how it looks or where things land. It is changing and readying the land for the colder weather: hibernation for some and emergence for others. Its very own dance of which we have no control.

Sit back and enjoy the beauty. Let the wind blow all around you.

Just remember, you can’t catch the wind!

Have a fabulous day and as always Keep Hope Alive!


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